About Me

Hi my name is Emmanuel and I would say that I am a determined entrepreneurial person.

But It wasn’t always like that…..

Growing up I had a debilitating blood disorder called “Sickle Cell Anaemia”. It caused me to spend a lot of my younger life in hospital and I was told many times that I wasn’t going to live past my teenage years……However instead of putting me down that inspired me.

I went on to own a host of smal businesses the biggest of which being my driving school E-Manuals Driving School but even though it is a good living I always felt like I wanted more and believed I could get it….

My Dream

My ultimate dream of putting my feet up on a beach working maybe 1-2 hours a day whilst I made an amazing living seemed to be getting further away as I worked harder and harded. I remember in June 2013 I said to myself “It’s time to work smart not hard”

That’s when I started to learn all I could about Internet marketing. I learned how to setup blogs, get traffic and practically everything there was to know about making money online and although I had all the knowledge In the word I was making peanuts.

So eventually I came to the realisation that I need a mentor which is when things started to turn around for me.

He taught me that traffic is king…..

Once you can learn how to get traffic you can tweak the rest.

At the time of writing this I know get regular sales and add people to my list where I help them daily. I am well on my way to the beach lifestyle and am so happy to have made this change to my profession.

What I want you to know is that if you have the right mindset you too can start to earn unbelievable CEO type money from the internet.

Keep On Believing

So this was a process for me and everyone that is succesful online goes through the process. there are not really any gurus just people that take massive action.

All the best


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