IM Academy Go Live

IM Academy Go Live Review

So one of the things that the IM Academy offer is what they call Go Live

What that is in essence is video training. But for me this is video training with a difference

What I mean is that the trainers aren’t any old people that have the least bit of knowledge in the world of trading


These guys have all had to be vetted and show a years worth of positive accounts before they are even allowed to start teaching you.

That makes for a very good education system…

The videos are on almost everyday in every timezone but even if you miss it they are all recorded and the most liked videos are put in the favourite videos section so that you can re-watch them as many times as you desire

I really like it and will show you how it works in this video below:

IM Academy Go Live

So I hope you can see from the video that you kinda are getting a double whammy here….

Not only do you get our daily training videos but you also get the IM Academy Go Live videos as well to help you understand trading.

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Speak soon


IM Academy Go Live

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