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The Cure For Shiny New Object Syndrome

Have You Got Shiny New Object Syndrome?   So you’ve just bought another new product because the marketing said your gonna make $10,000 in 10 minutes… Maybe you do or don’t open it (most don’t :)) You give it a quick try for maybe a week….Then you think this is crap; I’m not rich yet; […]

Discover How You Can Make Money Posting Videos On Youtube   So everyone and their uncle have now been told, that if they want to make money online, one of the quickest ways to do that is to make videos that you post regularly on Youtube There is a formula to this: Make Good Videos […]

When Marketing You Need To Know About Follow Up Sales Marketing   I know that may just sound a little bit like gobbly goog at the moment but in essense what that means is…. When marketing anything you need to know your numbers You need to know that if I put $1 in I get […]

Affiliate Marketing Is A Scam?

So Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Like I Keep Hearing?   If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for any length of time you have already heard the claims that it’s all a scam and that you should stay away…. Either you, or someone you know, have tried it and lost a truck load of money […]

The Rule Of 7….   Well what the heck does that mean? Does it mean that if you buy 7 doughnuts you get 2 free (that would be nice lol) No it’s a marketing term meaning that on average someone has to see an offer at least 7 times before they are ready to pull […]

Here Are The Frequently Asked Questions As To Why This Affiliate Marketing Thing Is Not Working   Pareto’s Law states 80% of people get 20% of the results.. In this case the result is they earn less than $100 per month in their affiliate marketing efforts. So that means most are scratching their heads and […]

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners   In this article we will look at profiting onlin and especially with affiliate marketing. With all the crazyness of a pandemic going on this could very well be the best time ever to roll up your sleeves and get started in affiliate marketing. Luckily nowadays everything is […]

So What Is A Sales Funnel Anyway?   Sales Funnels = Fancy names that affiliate marketers give to a process you take people through So from the minute someone arrives at your website or opt-in page (what’s that? hold your horses….. I’ll show you in a picture below in a sec) But from that moment, […]

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