Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks

If you want to improve your affiliate marketing and start to make money money, then you need to be following the tips outlined in this audio.

Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks

If you follow these tips you will get better results from your affiliate marketing efforts


Today, we’re gonna do some training and I’m gonna talk about affiliate marketing. I’m gonna especially talk about some affiliate marketing tips and tricks that you can use to increase your chances of getting a sale. I’m actually gonna give you four tips, and also maybe answer some of your objections I get from a lot of people whenever I tell them to do these things.

All right, so let’s crack on. So the first thing is … I’m already gonna assume that you know what affiliate marketing is.

If you don’t understand affiliate marketing, then go over to my Soundcloud account scroll down to any of my audios about affiliate marketing.

So if we assume that you understand what affiliate marketing is, most people when they get involved in affiliate marketing, they get involved in a business opportunity and I advise people to get involved in high ticket affiliate marketing. So, a business opportunity that pays you a commission of $1,000 plus when you make a sale.

So what people do, they get involved in a business opportunity and they just want to send traffic or they just want to send people straight to the company pages. So they want to send them straight to the company’s sales video, straight to the company opt-in page, or whatever, straight to the company Facebook page.

And that’s fine, but that’s the reason that say 80 to 90 percent of people don’t actually make any money with this, because everybody’s doing that. Everybody’s getting a potential lead and sending them over to the company pages. And I mean, depending on which company you’re with, the company pages are good. They actually do convert. But, they convert a very small level, and especially when the person doesn’t know anything about you.

They’re what we called cold traffic. You just send them straight over to the sales page. What you need to do is build something in between, something we call a bridge. We call it a bridge page, it can be a video or audio. It could be your Facebook profile. But just something where they see you.

Now, usually, people do something like a video or they’ll do like a blog post where they talk about themselves or even a Facebook post where they at least show your face so they know who they’re dealing with.

I know a lot of people say “I don’t want to do a video.” Well, you can always pay someone to do the bridge video. But as long as your face is around. So the person in the video can say, “My mentor,” giving your name, and then you point to you underneath the video. So there’s a little bit of a connection with you.

Then you send them on to the company pages. Then they kind of feel like they’re dealing with a human being. All right, so that’s tip number one. Try and build a bridge page. If you want to see my bridge page, then go to, and once you’ve opted in, you can have a look at my bridge page, and you can copy that. You can just do exactly what that says or use that as a template to do your own.

All right, the second tip I’ll give you is to do a little review of whatever you’re selling. Whatever opportunity you’re in, whatever you’re selling online to make your commissions, do a review. Because think about it, how many people will want to buy off someone if they don’t even know what they’re talking about. Imagine you go into a BMW sales room and say to the guy, “Well, tell me about this model.” And he’s like, “Well I don’t know nothing. Don’t know nothing about it. Never driven it. Never sat in it. Just looks nice. Buy it.” I mean, the chance of you buying that is zero, isn’t it? Or very, very slim unless you’ve already done some research yourself.

So, do a review of whatever you’re selling, do a quick review. Could be , again a quick video, could be an audio. It then just gives you some more credibility and then people, again, are more inclined to then make the sale with you. All these little things I’m giving you here, these little tips, these little tricks, they just help tip the balance … It just tips it in your favour. It just gives you that extra little chance of making that sale, compared to everyone else. You just need to stick out maybe five, ten percent more than anyone else does.

Tip number three, I would say have your own bonuses. Have some bonuses that you give away. Again, 90 to 95 percent of people are just sending people to the company pages and then why would they choose you? There’s thousands of people selling the same opportunity, probably that you’re in. Why should somebody choose you? That tipping point could be your bonus. For me, I give away free traffic. I also give away consultations with myself. Or, I give access to my free Facebook group. I give access to that to certain people that get in for a certain way for the funnel.

So you can give those bonuses away yourself. You could say, “You get a 10 minute call with me.” Or, “You get an a skype-call that shows you the 10 things you must do the minute you join, where you get your affiliate link from etc.” How you contact your coaches, if your opportunity has coaches, like with mine. You get access to a coach that guides you and walks you through things. So, you could then say, “This is how you get in contact with your coach. This is how you get on the first call with your coach. These are the simple questions you should be asking your coach.”

You have to realise that most people don’t know what they’re doing, so any little thing that you can help them with, any little bonus, will just tip things in your favour. It could be anything.

Could be a short video, just to say this is what you’ve done. And again, I’ll answer an objection I get all the time, “But I haven’t made any money with my opportunity.” I understand that. You don’t have to necessarily make money.  Imagine somebody is completely new, whereas you’ve walked the path a little bit. You’ve got into the opportunity. Maybe you’ve contacted your coach. Already you’re two steps ahead of somebody who’s getting in brand new.

You could tell the person this is what you need to do. This is how you need to do it. This is how you contact your coach. That’s value, straight away. That’s a bonus. Or, you could say, “Get on a call with me. Get on a quick 10 minute Skype call with me and I’ll talk you through what you need to do.” Again, that’s a great bonus.

And finally, I’ve spoken about it before, but you are the brand.

This is similar to the first one I said about creating a bridge, but people buy you. So you need to be somewhere in that funnel. When someone goes to your Facebook page, you don’t want to have the company logo shown on your profile picture. You want a picture of you. You want a picture of your family. You want a picture of something that’s relatable to something that you enjoy.

For me, I enjoy playing cricket, so you might see a picture of me on a cricket field or something. You know, something that somebody feels that they can get to know you a little better, get to like you, get to trust you, and then they will buy off you. And then it doesn’t matter what opportunity you promote, because you’ll build your own little team, your own little tribe that like you. So wherever you go, whatever you do, they will follow you.

So even if you decide opportunity X is not for you, and you want to go to opportunity Y, you can just take your people with you because it’s you that they’re into. You’re the brand, not so much the opportunity. Because the opportunity, they’re more or less, they’re very similar. You have very similar opportunities out there. But it’s you they want to buy because they think, “I can relate to this person. This person can help me.”

Just put some of those tips into action in your affiliate market, if you are affiliate marketing already, and if you’re not, and you want to get involved in something, then again, go to and once you’ve opted in, you’ll see my bridge page. Secondly, I’ll give you access to a free four-part training course that will show you the basics of getting started, and I’ll give you access to the thing that I’m involved in, which is actually making me $1,000 plus days. It’s very newbie-friendly. It’s very easy to get started, and again, you’ll have me here as a guide to help you through the difficult times.

Speak soon. All the best.


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