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Ariix Review


Ariix has been getting a lot of attention on the internet lately, especially on the social media networks. The truth is most multi-level marketing businesses have a lot of hype around them. It is therefore advisable that you get all the facts before you decide to join. Here is a non-biased Ariix review.

Ariix Review

What Exactly Is Ariix?

Ariix is an MLM company founded by Dr. Fred W, Cooper, Deanna Latson, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates and Riley Timmer and was launched in July 2011.

The founders (Fred Cooper, Riley Timmer, Jeff Yates and Mark Wilson) worked for USANA Health Sciences, a nutritional MLM company for a good number of years. Mr. Yates was the CFO, Mr. Timmer was Vice President of Finance, and Mr. Wilson was Vice President of sales and Mr. Cooper was the Presient and CEO at USANA. All of them resigned on 10th May, 2011 to start Ariix.

It is clear that these individuals have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to running an MLM company. In fact, USANA has an amazing track record and it is one of the network marketing companies that is doing very well. It is obvious that these gentlemen played a part in the success of USANA and they are bringing the same experience to Ariix. This is a great boost for a startup network marketing company.

In addition, Mark Wilson and Fred Cooper left USANA, along with a great number of corporate staff. It looks like they were planning this all along while they were still working at USANA.

Ariix Products


The most interesting thing about this company is that they offer great nutritional products much like Herbalife. Their products help improve people’s health and wellbeing. The company offers nutritional supplements that come in capsules form but they are more focused on energy, brain and heart function and then immune system.

In addition, Ariix also offer products that help people to improve their vitamin and mineral level. The facilities that these products are manufactured are FDA certified, OTC certified and GMP complaint.

Ariix has Dr. Ray Strand, Tim Sales, Robert Allen and an identified woman listed as their nutritional experts. It is also wise to note that Deanna Latson is the Chief Product Officer at Ariix. Deanna had been hired by Wealth Masters International to supervise their nutritional division PURE, however, she resigned and joined Ariix.


Ariix Compensation Plan


Money can be earned through retail profit, unlimited base commissions, team leads bonuses, matching bonuses, pay line optimized bonuses, income position bonuses, and finally luxury car bonuses.

Unlimited Base commissions

Once you join Ariix and become an affiliate, you will be placed at the top of your group, with two branches beneath you. As your team encourages new members to join Ariix, the two branches under you will each add two new branches beneath them and so on.

The company assigns these two branches with different names. The branch with the strongest Product Volume becomes your Power Line and the other branch becomes your Pay Line.

Commissions are paid out at 15 percent on the Product Volume sold by your Pay Line. At the end of the month, your Pay Line is deducted from your Power Line, and the same process repeats itself for the following months.

This is basically how the process works until you earn a commission of two thousand dollars from your Pay Line. Once you have achieved this target, you will be given a second Pay Line. You will be added another Pay Line, each time one of your Pay Lines earns a commission of two thousand dollars in any given month.

Team Lead Bonus

This type of bonus is paid out to affiliates who recruit new members to Ariix. The bonus is eligible to a member who has four personally recruited Ariix members in your group and is above membership level. A bonus of $33.75 is paid out when these conditions are met.

Matching Bonus


Matching bonus is paid out up to 7 generation deep. This is a percentage of the base commission for those people that you personally sponsor. This is how it works:

15 percent on the members that you personally recruited (first generation)

10 percent on the members that were recruited by your first generation (second generation)

5 percent on the third generations up to the seventh generations

In addition, the levels where the commissions are earned must be unlocked, this means that:

For levels 1 to 3- Unlocked by signing up 4 new members

For levels 4 and 5 – Unlocked by earning 500 and 1000 dollars unlimited base commissons, respectively

Levels 6 and 7- Unlocked by adding new Pay Lines to your group, one for level six and another for level seven.

Pay Line Optimized Bonus

Each time you add an extra Pay Line in your Base Commission organization you get one share in the Pay Line Optimized Bonus. The Pay Line Optimized Bonus is based off one percent of the total company volume in a commission period.

Luxury Car Bonus

This type of bonus is eligible to a member who has reached the Director rank. A commission of 250 dollars is awarded weekly to any member who has reached this stage. Once you maintain this status for a period of six consecutive months, the company will make a down payment on a vehicle, and an extra payment will be made towards the car every month.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Ariix?


Anyone can join Ariix and become an affiliate member. New members are qualified for a discount on retail prices of the company’s products; however, they are not included in the compensation plan.

If you would like to be included in the compensation plan, you must earn 30 dollars in product credit, and sign up as a representative. As a representative, you are required to maintain at least 75 personal product volumes every month.

Another alternative is for you to pay 150 dollars fee and register as an IIX member. This type of members receive 15 percent additional discount on personal product orders, and twice bonus commissions paid out.

Ariix Scam

Is Ariix A Scam?


People have a habit of calling many MLM business opportunities a scam or pyramid scheme. The same is being said for Ariix. The truth is Ariix is far from being a scam. The company offers one of the best quality products that are recommended for your health and wellbeing. The bottom line, Ariix is a legitimate MLM business opportunity that encourages retail selling.



From the time it was launched (July 2011), Ariix has been excelling in all aspects. The company offers one of the best compensation plans (hybrid binary) and retail product line in the MLM industry. You do not have to rely on recruiting new members to earn commissions; all you need to do is to make more retail sales.

I personally think the commissions earned are too low and if you are going to market a product you should have a potential to make commissions of $1,000+. But if you have a real love for the product then in that case I would do it

I hope you enjoyed my Ariix Review. If you would like to know what company I fully endorse and actually presently endorse myself then read on….

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Ariix Review