Build My List 2.0 Reviews

Build My List 2.0 Review 

If you’re looking to build your list and get more traffic, sales, and long-term customer relationships, Build My List 2.0 is a brand new product that might be of interest to you.Coming out on November 11th, 2015, Jimmy Kim’s new training course provides a ton of great value.

In our Build My List 2.0 review, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of the new course.

Jimmy Kim started out as an internet marketer under Anik Singal’s training, helping to put out well known products like Profit Academy and Inbox Blueprint. He’s also the CEO of Sendlane, a brand new email marketing company which more than 15k affiliates and budding marketers have signed up for.

Build My List 2.0 is his newest masterpiece, which promises to help you start generating traffic and commissions for your list — Instantly.

build my list 2.0 review

Build My List 2.0 Product Details

When you download Build my List, You’ll get access to the basic program modules including:

1) 5 training modules that walk you through each step of the email list building process in a simple, easy to understand method

  • Section 1: List Building
  • Section 2: Send Lane Subscription
  • Section 3: Offers
  • Section 4: Business Wizard
  • Section 5: Traffic Acquisition (Free and Paid)

2) Three absolutely free months of Sendlane service so you don’t have to sign up at Aweber or Mailchimp — you can just use this service to build your list

3) A free landing page builder that’s as easy to use as pointing and clicking

4) One on one training over the phone for the first 30-60 days with jimmy Kim live to help you master your training

5) The Build My List ebook training guide which you can rebrand and giveway to your list to get more traffic and sales and signups

At just $49, this is definitely a great value. Our Build My List 2.0 review observes that you’ll quickly earn back double what you paid for the product just from your first few emails.

The Main Build My List 2.0 Video Training Course

Ok, so what’s the main course all about?

One thing to notice about the members area training is that all the modules are in video format. This makes it as if Jimmy were right there sitting down with you and showing you what to do. PDF flies just don’t do it the way videos do.

You’ll see videos on list building, how to use Sendlane, the offers section, the site’s special business wizard setup, and how to generator both free and paid traffic. Breaking it down a bit more, you’ll learn

Who Is Jimmy Kim?

Jimmy talks about how he was able to create more than $5000 in sales just from one email he sent out. This guy is paying for numerous Caribbean cruises with his wife and family all through internet marketing. As our Build My List 2.0 review points out, internet marketing can be hugely profitable with a good list.

Video and Course Details

In terms of actual list building, Video 3 goes in detail about setting up your autoresponder, your optin page, and your main offer. This is the how of list building. It’s broken down very simply to show you how to collect email addresses and follow-up, how to set up you squeeze page, and how to create an enticing offer they can’t resist.

Crafting Emails and Building Relationships

In other videos, Jimmy shows you how to craft compelling emails and finding your voice so that audiences hear you authentically and truthfully, and the difference between relationship marketing vs. money marketing. The importance of building relationships with your customers — your list — cannot be understated. When you create honest relationships with your subscribers, everything changes. You get more sales, have more fun, and provide more value.

The Business Wizard

One of the best features of Build My List 2.0 is the business wizard. This handy little section shows you how to use the drag and drop website builder to set up your list and your links in no time. As you’ve no doubt gleaned from our Build My List 2.0 review, this product makes it really easy to start creating your own profitable list in just a few minutes.

You’ll learn how to set up these easy one page websites with Sendlane, how to write copy that sells, and how to make it truly your own. You’ll also get 10 free swipes you can just copy and paste right into your new campaign — proven converting emails pre-written for you. You will learn how to understand conversion rates and clickthroughs, and how to get more people to open your emails.

Instant Traffic Triggers

Finally, the Instant Traffic Triggers section is also amazing, providing an intro to free vs. paid traffic and how to use Clickonomy, one of the best traffic sources online. You’ll get free Reddit training and Traffic Swap access, as well as Facebook Training with Fred Lam who really knows the ins and outs of Facebook marketing.

build my list 2.0 review

The Whole Build My List 2.0 Product In A Nutshell

Section #1 List Secrets

  • Video 1 – What list building is, and what is an email list. This video breaks it all down for you.
  • Video 2 – Why is list so important
  • Video 3 – The Jargon – Autoresponders, Opt-in page and your Offer
  • Video 4 – The one page website….Your opt in page. What you need to make it convert
  • Video 5 – Automated series – How to nurture that relationship with your list
  • Video 6 – Money-Making Vs Relationship Building (They go into both)
  • Video 7 – Double Opt In Vs Single Opt In. Which works best when
  • Video 8 – The Thank You Page…The key components you need on this page
  • Video 9 – Understanding Open Rates and Click Through Rates (CTR).

Section #2 Sendlane

This is the autoresponder service that will be included with the product. How to set it up and get it started.

Section #3 Offers

This sections shows you how to both find and start to promote high ticket offers t your list

Section #4 Business Wizard

So you can use their done for you tools to now set up your 1 page site or Autoresponder. This is as simple as it gets and is just a rag an drop system but with all the triggers need to make people opt-in and buy

Section #5 The Dreaded Traffic 🙂

So no decent product would be complete without some knowlege on how to get traffic. In this section you will learn how to get targete FREE and Paid traffic to your 1 page opt in page.

Bonus Training…Inclue as well is live reviews, Setup help and access to their FB group


All in all, Build My List 2.0 by Jimmy Kim is one of the best new email marketing training courses out there. You’ll learn everything you need to know about building your list from the ground up even if you have no prior experience whatsoever. Hopefully, our Build My List 2.0 review has helped you see some of the great features of this new product. In addition, you’ll gain access to Sendlane and Jimmy’s pre-built campaigns so you can drag and drop create your new list from scratch in just a few minutes. This is a great value and a brand new product about to be launched, so get ready!