Cafe Nopal Review – Does This Opportunity Work?

Cafe Nopal Review

Cafe Nopal Review – Does This Opportunity Work?

So what is Cafe Nopal?

Well like a lot of newish companies the people at cafe nopal have noticed there is a gap in the market for healthy lifestyle products. They realised that a lot of what we eat and especially drink is contaminated so step forward……Cafe Nopal.

Their coffee claims to have additional health benefits that normal coffee does not contain because of the Nopal Extract

[For those of you that prefer to watch rather than read here is a video of the Cafe Nopal Review below]


Cafe Nopal – The Product

nopal coffee review

The main product focuses on healthy coffee. Their coffee contains a host of useful nutrients

So…..Not only coffee, but a Superfood! Nopal Cactus contains vitamins A, B complex, C, Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, and Fibers in Lignin, Cellulose, Hemi-cellulose, Pectin and Mucilage. And it also contains 17 Amino Acids that help remove toxins.

The Nopal Cactus is said to promote things such as

  • Good Sugar Balance
  • Good Cholesterol Levels
  • Good Circulation
  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Weight Maintenance

Plus many other things. So it has some very strong selling points and would probably sell quite well as a stand alone product without the added business opportunity.

Cafe Nopal Reviews – The Business Opportunity.

To join costs you $19.95 per month and you make money from recruitment of others.

So the main way people promote this company is as an MLM business opportunity. As with all MLM’s you make money from the building of your team and the recruitment of new people and from the sale of the coffee itself as a wholesale product.

Cafe Nopal – Compensation Plan

They use a 2×6 Matrix commission plan. You don’t make any money from the 1st 2 people you recruit but from then on the next level down you start to make commission as the table shows.

Number of
Monthly Cost
$19.95 + S & H
Total Earnings


If you recruit other affiliates you get a 100% matching bonus ( not really sure I understand this but they give a short example on the site )

Finally, Cafe Nopal affiliates also get a wholesale bonus should any of the affilliates in their downline purchase Cafe Nopal. For that they get a 30% commission on Cafe Nopal orders by personally recruited affiliates, and 10% on any orders made by their recruited affiliates.

They do not include the wholesale price of the coffee on the website or even any mention of where you can buy it as a visitor which I think is quite odd.

Cafe Nopal Scam?

Well this question always rears its’s head with any MLM is Cafe Nopal Scam?

Definetely not I don’t believe there is any scam here. I do think there are problems with the model because it is based on not only your recruitment but the recruitment of those in your downline so unfortunately without a regular stream of new recruits you don’t get paid.

Cafe Nopal – The Verdict

cafe nopal reviewsSo is Cafe Nopal worth getting involved with. Well I personally would say NO.        

The commissions are so low and if you are going to work hard to get new recruits you want to be getting paid better than this. Even in their 2×6 Matrix example you have to have your team recruit 64 people to make just under $300. That is not easy.

Also you have to rely quite heavily on duplication and lets face it most people when they join an MLM struggle with traffic and getting others to buy.

It has the same problems that a lot of MLM companies have – Asking you to use outdated methods like home parties or cold prospecting to try and recruit other affiliates.

For me it’s a no no.

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