Digital Altitude Review – Is Digital Altitude Pyramid Scheme?

Digital Altitude Review – Is Digital Altitude Scam?


Recently there has been a great deal of excitement about Digital Altitude, a digital marketing company that is based in Delaware in America. They sell a variety of products to help with marketing, branding, traffic and lead generation. After launching at the end of 2015, the company really began to grow into early 2016 and is still going strong.

The company was founded by Michael Force who is a former US marine with a proven 15-year track record of working with companies that help others with internet marketing and developing home businesses.

In particular he focuses on online marketing and design (and actually designed all of the promotional materials for Digital Altitude by himself) and has trained tens of thousands of people across the globe. He has also assisted many leaders and business owners with running their own companies. It seems a natural step for him to start his own business opportunity, and this is where Digital Altitude comes in.

Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude Products

Digital Altitude offers a variety of online marketing courses that promise to ‘kick your success into high gear with automation, sales funnels, community, tools, resources, and a whole lot more’.

It starts with a product called ‘Aspire’. This is their internet-based marketing system. Membership to this service also entitles you to become a Digital Altitude affiliate.

With Aspire, there are 3 different levels of membership- each offers a different set of features through the program, and determines the levels of commission you are able to earn through the Digital Altitude compensation plan (something we will visit later).

These 3 levels are:
– ‘Aspire Walker Level’- Costing $37 per month
– ‘Aspire Hiker Level’- Costing $67 per month
– ‘Aspire Climber Level’- Costing $127 per month

Further products available to purchase are as follows:
-‘Base’ (Given as a bonus)- Offering materials which include shortcuts, tools and resources to get ahead with your digital business
-‘Rise’ $1997- providing ‘key mindsets and concepts developed by top marketers for success’ as well as further tools and resources to aid business growth
-‘Ascend’ $9997- A 3-day retreat for two people with chances to learn from one of the worlds foremost ‘thought leaders’
-‘Peak’ $16,997- A 5-day all inclusive retreat that bring the worlds foremost ‘thought leaders’ directly to you
-‘Apex’ $27,997- A 7-day retreat to learn about the ‘art of wealth building, real estate and asset management’ from the leaders of this industry

These event memberships (Ascend, Peak and Apex) are held once a year.

Further products available include:
-Guru you- A suite of social media and branding tools
-Inbound- Content and blogging services
– Traffic and Funnel Products- Helping you to build a database of potential subscribers

Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude’s Compensation Plan

Digital Altitude’s compensation plan allows you to earn money based on how many people you are able to sell these products to.

They use what is called a ‘unilvel’ model to calculate the amount. This means that each Affiliate is placed in a position at the top of a grid. Anyone that has been personally recruited by this affiliate is placed in a position directly beneath this person to form Level 1.

New people that are recruited by Level 1 affiliates are placed directly beneath them, and this forms level 2. Level 3 affiliates are made up of the new recruits brought in by Level 2 affiliates and so on. In theory this can continue on forever, although the Digital Altitude scheme only pays out commissions to you for the first 3 levels.

Digital Altitude Scam

The commission that you will receive depends on the level of your Aspire membership. It works like this:

– Walker- $37 per month membership, pays a 40% commission on purchases by everyone on your Level 1
– Hiker- $67 per month membership, pays a 40% commission on level 1 purchases and 10% on level 2 purchases
– Climber- $127 per month membership, which pays a 45% commission on level 1 purchases, 10% commission on level 2 purchases and 5% commission on level 3 purchases.

To receive commission for all 3 of your levels, you must have purchased the ‘Climber’ membership. There is a ‘pay to play’ element here as you are only able to receive commission for product sales that you, yourself, have previously purchased. If you haven’t done, the commission that you would have earned keeps passing up the chain (to the person who recruited you, and so on) until it reaches the first person that is able to receive it.

Conclusion Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

This Digital Altitude opportunity is similar to a previous set of companies that Michael Force has been involved in over the years and, by all accounts, is working well. Affiliates are directly rewarded for any new members that they sign up, as well as receiving commissions for product sales to those members. Although, to be eligible for commission, you must have purchased those products themselves- there are plenty of cheaper products available that can easily be purchased (to become entitled to receive the commission) and sold in large quantities to get a great return without having to buy a high priced package.

So to answer the qusetion “Is Digital Altitude A Scam?”. My answer would be definetely not. It is headed up by a very credible marketer that knows what he’s doing and is a growing company that pays very generous in compensation.

Any worries about this can be avoided by trying it out at the discount rate, because they offer a $1 trial membership-this gives you a great opportunity to try out the system before paying larger amounts. What do you have to lose?

Digital Altitude is a good company. The commissions you receive can be valuable, and the products you purchase are very useful. The marketing system, ‘Aspire’, does everything it says and becomes an essential tool for all of your marketing needs. The business advisors are incredibly experienced and offer useful advice about how to improve your business. The company branding is exceptional- and they look after their customers extremely well.

As with all investment schemes like this one- an element of caution is necessary when considering a large investment. Digital Altitude is one that is worth your time, however, because:
– They are open and transparent about their ownership and structure
– The reward plan offers very good returns on investment
– The products on offer are very useful to business owners
– And, most importantly- There are lots of reports from current members of great success already

Digital Altitude Review

To conclude, this opportunity is well worth considering and, with a $1 trial membership available, there’s no reason to miss out!

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Digital Altitude Scam