Entre Institute Review – Is Entre Scam or Legit?

Entre Institute Review


In this article we are going to dive deeper into the Entre Institute and do an in depth Entre Institute review.

Entre Institue is a product by Jeff Lerner who is the picture of a rags to riches story but once he learned the secrets of putting together a succesful online institute he put together this Entre Institute.

Entre Institute Review

What Is Entre

Entre is an abreviation of Entrepreneur and from Jeff’s journey he found that there are 3 things which he calls pillars that any succesful entrepreneur has to be good at. These are

  1. Business
  2. Health
  3. Relationship

So the entre Institute has sections that focus on those 3 things and as I said he calls them pillars of success

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Physical

If you would rather watch than read then below is my Entre Nation Review Video

Entre Institute Review

What Does Entre Institute Do?

So in general the Entre institute helps you to build online real estate, to build a life legacy and wealth generation that you keep, build a healthier body and finally to build more loving and profitable relationships with buisness and romantic partners

In essence it takes a wholistic look at a well rounded entrepreneur and works on all the sections of them.

I personally like this because if you ever really dig deeper into any succesful person you will see some similarities.

They tend to exercise regularly
They run a wealthy business
They have loving partners and are great at networking

So when people are looking for the so-called secret that you do hardly any work and get paid millions. Then you can see why that dosen’t work.

Jeff Lerner Review – So who is he?

Entre review

Jeff lerner is the founder of the Entre Institute.

He has built his own 6 and 7 figure businesses from online industies and angencies and a host of other things.

He learnt the things that he needed to be a success which is what qualifies him to teach this stuff to other entrepreneurs.

He is a typical rags to riches story and was a struggling musician in the past and actually also owned his own restaurant business.

He was $40k in debt at one time which is when he discovered affiliate marketing and everything changed for him.

In 2008 he had a massive break through and made over $50 million in sales.

Now that really is a rags to riches story.

Now you may hear his name associated with a few companies that went down the pan, but which succesful entrepreneur hasn’t promoted some duds and made some bad decisions in their time.

The Entre Blueprint

The front-end entry product of Entre Nation is called the Entre Blueprint

It cost $39 One-Time Payment

It is a 6 step video training program that helps you to identify and work on the 3 P’s – Personal, Physical and Professional level

  • Step 1 – The 3 P’s of an Awesome Life
    Jeff Lerner takes you through the 3 P’s
  • Step 2 – The 3 Legs Of Succesful Action
    In here he takes you through a very detailed plan to get everything you want including exactly what he did to get to where he is today
  • Step 3 – The 3 Phases Of Building Your Legacy
    Jeff takes you through not only how you can use an online assest to earn but to keep your wealth and build a legacy
  • Step 4 – Affiliate Marketing The Ultimate Lifestyle Business
    Jeff shows you the power of affiliate marketing and how you can build immense wealth using it
  • Step 5 – Digital Agency: Converting Online Skills Into A Predictable Cash Flow Machine
    Jeff compares a digital agency to a brick and mortar business and shows you how it is so much more cost effective
  • Step 6 – Digital Courses: Turn Your Knowledge Into Your Legacy
    You will learn how to put together your own online course is that is for you . As well as this you will get your own One on One coach that will help you to put together a great business plan of action

So you see you have a choice of going:


The affiliate marketing route
The digital agency route
The course development route

Or you can do all three if you want

Check it out for yourself here

Yet it dosen’t end there. Next you get the:

Awesome Life Challenge


Entre Institute Review

Here Jeff gives you a 90 day challenge that he calls Awesome Life Action Plan.

Here you will write down a 90 day focus for each of the 3 P’s and follow the day to day modules.

Once completed you can stay accountab;le by writing down what you done and uploading it to the Facebook group

Really encourages you to stay on track and see where you may be falling down in your online success development

After the front end products you have the choice of getting further training in the other more indepth choices which are:

Entre Nation Elite


This cost $175 One-Time/yearly or $67 Per month.

This is for people who want that extra one to one help

With this you get weekly calls and webinars you also get access to a private Facebook group dedicated to this which is called Entre National Elite

Of course you don’t need to take this but for the price I think this is a bit of a bargain for the additional help you will receive.

Millionaire Productivity Secrets (Entre Institute)

Next in the line is the millionaire productivity secrets.

This costs $67 one time payment

This focuses on helping you 10x your productivity in order to be an all round more successful person.

It contains 19 modules that are broken up into sections like:

  • Start Here – destroying procrastination; improving focus plus lots more
  • Planning
  • Optimisation
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing
  • End Here

A lot of people report that after implementing the lessons in this module their productivity and wealth increased

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator


Price is $1,997 One Time Payment

So this course was revamped in 2020 when they brought on a legend in the affiliate marketingworld – Jesse Singh.

Jesse is an amazing affiliate marketer and he gave away all his secrets in this course. Where he shows what actually works and what you should throw away in the affiliate marketing world.

He looks at all the steps required to perfect in affiliate marketing like:

Email marketing, building your list, emails that convert, sales funnels that convert, selecting the right niche and much more.

There are 48 modules in all and each module ranges from 5 mins to 35 minutes.

So you can see it is very in-depth training and on top of that Jesse constantly upates it with anything new that he finds out.

Agency Millionaire Accelerator



Price is $1,997 One Time Payment

So this is for people that actually want to stsrt their own advertising agency where you help others with profitable online ads.

This can be so lucrative because people desperately need leads.

Agency Millionaire Accelerator is taught by Brian Magnosi who has an actual 7 figure per year Agency.

Just think that businesses will pay you anywhere between $500 to $2500 per month just to run their ads accounts. So you can see the demand is there.

There are 60+ modules in this course and again it is taught by someone is in the trenches now.

Some of the topics taught are:

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Setting Right Expectations
  • Prospecting And Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • SEO and Fulfillment
  • Facebook Ads
  • FB Lead Ad Templates
  • Outsourcing

Plus lots more

Plus like Jesse, Brian is updating the course constantly as he learns new things that can help people.

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator

course millionaire accelerator

Price is $1,997 One Time Payment

So for those of you that want to create your own course then this is the one for you.

Another course by Brian Magnosi who designed it from the ground up that will help you take your skills hobbies or passions and turn them into a profitable course.

Overall this course has 30+ modules that walk you through Product viability and market research (this alone has 11 modules alone), Tech behind the digital course, launching, marketing and fulfillment and much much more.

There are a lot of people trying to create their own courses and they usually produce low quality crap that usually hurts their reputation rather than helps it.

That’s why if course creation is your thing you should get the help of someone who truely knows what they are doing.

So learn this properly step by step.

Entre Institute Digital Bundle

Now if you really like the 3 packages above there is a way you can save money on getting all of them

So if you want to get the Digital Bundle

So you can get the cost of all 3 for the one time price of £3997 all in

For what you potentially can get in way of education, mentorship and income potential then it is definetely worth it.

Entre Coaching

Entre coaching

I am a firm believer that if you want to do something go to someone that has already done it and follow exactly what they tell you to do.

That’s why coaching from a top mentor is so important.

In this coaching package you get group coaching once a week where you get to get all your questions and concerns answered

Entre Inner Circle

entre inner circle

Now as above if you now want to be coached by 7 to 8 figure earners and to get access to Jeff Lerner himself then this is for you.

This is for the really serious players the value of this can not really be put into dollars because picking the brain of Jeff Lerner is priceless.

Infact not everyone can actually get into this inner circle as there is a screening process and there are many people rejected because they aren’t actually a great fit.

The price is not fixed and varies so you have to go into the interview stage before you can find this out for yourself

Entre Institute Affiliate Program

They do offer an affiliate program and guess what?

It’s 100% FREE to promote and you get credit for EVERY sale regardless if you purchased it or not.

That’s UNHEARD of in the affiliate marketing world

You can make high level commissions without even buying the product. Amazing!

This isn’t a MLM or business opportunity but a true education platform.

You can sign up as an affiliate here.

entre affiliate programme

Entre Institute Conclusion

In my opinion this is a fully rounded programme

Some of the packages are high priced, however for any decent education you would have to pay a lot more than the price f this course

Think about going to university that could cost you $30K plus and your not guaranteed to make any of that back.

For me Entre is more about education and it does cover the 3 things that any top entrepreneur has that makes them successful.

Those are your relationships, your business and your well-being

Even if you just want to get in at the bottom it is only $39 which is super cheap.

Lastly the fact that you can get involved as an affiliate for free is amazing!

For me there are more positives than negatives.

I suppose the only negative is that there can be information overload and sometime trying to be good at 3 things is harder than specialising in 1 but I think Jeff has managed to pull it off here.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Entre Institute Review.If you do want to jump onboard then Click This Link Here

Speak soon


Entre Institute Review