Essante Organics Review – Is Essante Organics Pyramid Scheme?

Essante Organics Review


Here is a straight to the point Essante Organics Review as a company, the product line, and the compensation plan from someone who is not involved with the company in any way.

When people join an MLM business opportunity, they are usually asked to market the business to their family, friends, and anyone else who has an interest in joining the business. This is why you will see people going to bookstores, coffee shops, shopping malls, and even door-to-door trying to recruit new members. Nowadays, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are being used to market these business opportunities.

Essante Organics Pyramid Scheme

Essante Organics Review – About the Company

Essante Organics was launched in 2009 and it specializes in the health and wellness MLM niche. The company is headquartered in Arizona, US and Michael Wenniger is the founder and the CEO. Mr. Wenniger is a well-known business man who has been very successful in the past and is still successful.

Before Essante Organics was launched, Wenniger made a lot of millions in other business venture. According to his corporate bio, Wenniger found the direct sales industry in the 80s and, with no business experience; he employed 35 individuals who turned out into 75,000 people during their three year momentum phase.

Wenniger has a team of professions that help him with the day to day operations of the business. His team of corporate leadership includes:

Dr. J.J. Levine – President

Angie Levine – CMO & Marketing Coach

Daniel Wenniger – CCO & Inventor

Essante Organics Reviews – The Product Line


According to the company’s official website, Essante Organics is the first USA based direct sales company to offer 100 percent certified Toxic Free commodities on a global scale.

The combination of organic and toxic free is the major driving force behind this company’s product line. Essante Organics offer several products in the following product lines:

· Nutrition and fitness

· Power pops & kids pop

· Body & spa

· Home care

· Baby care

· Therapeutic essential oils

Each category has several products included in it. Wholesale and retail prices for each product are displayed on their website under the menu “shop ToxicFree”.

Essante Organics

Essante Organics Reviews – The Compensation Plan


Just like any other network marketing business opportunity, you get paid commissions when you recruit someone in the business.

Affiliate Ranks

The company has three affiliate ranks compensation plan. A member must meet certain qualifications to be regarded as a higher ranked affiliate. The ranks are as follows:

· Silver – In order to become a silver affiliate you must recruit a minimum of two affiliates, who should be generating at least 75 PV per month.

· Gold – Gold affiliates are required to recruit a minimum of four silver ranked affiliates.

· Platinum – To become a platinum affiliate you will be required to recruit at least four gold ranked affiliates.

Note: PV here stands for product volume, which is simply the sales volume generated by a member’s own purchase of the company’s products or his or her retail sales orders.

Commission Qualifications

The business awards its affiliates several commissions and they are as follows:

· 0 – 39 product volumes per month receives retail commissions only

· 40 – 74 product volumes per month receives retail commissions plus five percent binary commissions

· 75 – 99 product volumes per month receives all the commissions the company has to offer except the expansion race bonus

· 100+ product volume per month receive all the commissions available including the expansion race bonus

Retail Commissions

The company pays out a retail commission of 30 percent (30%) to its affiliates on all the retail customer orders.

Recruitment Commissions

Like any other MLM business opportunity, Essante Organics affiliates are paid direct commissions when they recruit new members to the business.

The amount of commission paid depends on the amount of money that the new member pays when he or she joins the company.

Everyday Basics Pack affiliate costs $199 and the affiliate receives $50 commission per every member that he or she recruits

Elite Pack affiliate costs $599 and the affiliates receive a commission of $100 per every member that he or she recruits

Express Start Bonus

This is a recruitment bonus that is paid out when an Essante Organics affiliate manages to recruit at least four affiliates who in turn recruit at least two new affiliates of their own each.

If an affiliate manages to meet the qualifications stated above within the first 30 days of joining the company, he or she will receive a bonus of $500.

Residual Commissions

In Essante Organics, residual commissions are usually paid out through a binary compensation plan. A binary compensation plan places a member at the top of a binary team, spilt into left and right.

The positions within the binary team are usually filled through direct and indirect recruitment. Essante Organics affiliates are paid a commission of ten percent (10%) of the weaker side’s sales volume every week.

Binary Earnings Match

Affiliates are paid a percentage matching bonus on binary commissions earned by the affiliates they personally recruited. The amount of commission paid is based on the rank of the affiliate. They are as follows:

· Silver affiliates – Receive 25% matching bonus

· Gold affiliates – Receive 50% matching bonus

· Platinum affiliates – Receive 100% matching bonus

Expansion Race Bonus

This is a pool bonus made up of one percent (1%) of the company’s global sales volume. In order to qualify for this bonus, an affiliate must have a down line generating a minimum of $50,000 per month on both sides of their binary team. In addition, the bonus is only eligible to the first 50 affiliates who qualify in any given country.

Essante Organics Review

Is Essante Organics Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?


Well I have looked into this company and I don’t believe it’s a scam. They do pay out on their commission and it dosen’t fall under the category to qualify to be a pyramid scheme. The products are legit and they pay out on their comp plan all good signs.



There is no doubt that the company has remarkable products that are easy to sell to retail customers.

What’s more, the products appear to be legit, targeting customers who are looking for organic toxic free products. Essante Organics compensation plan is also straight forward and easy to understand. Just like any other type of network marketing business opportunity, the only way to succeed in Essante Organics and make lots of money is to encourage many people to join the business. So, if you feel that you have what it takes to recruit as many people as you can, Essante Organics can be an ideal business opportunity for you.

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Essante Organics Review