Genesis Global Network Review – Consider This!!

Genesis Global Network


genesis global network

So here we have another MLM company that tells you to join and get in the matrix literally

I am not an affiliate so I can give you my completely unbiased opinion of Genesis global network.

Genesis Global Network Products

Well they sell a host of products only a few of which I mention below because would take up most of the page if I listed them all:

Genesis TV
Genesis Health And Nutrition
Genesis Mobile
Genesis Travel

Generally Genesis does it all

I think this is where the problem lies for me they are trying to be jack of all trades and ending up master of none.

[For those of you that would rather watch a review I have left one below or you can see it here Genesis Global Network Video]

The compensation plan is confusing but I think it boils down to make money from recruiting others also buying the product and you get traffic from watching ads in the ad rotator or buying ad packs at $10.

If you are going to make money from the ad rotator you have to watch other peoples ads for a set amount of time……Does trafficswarm come to mind and then you can get paid some cash

These are also business units or traffic packs these can cost $10 each and if you are Emerald Level in the system or above you will make a commission off others  that you bring in and who also buy the packs.

This very much reminds me of My Advertising Pays (or MAPS) where you buy credit packs then go around clicking 10 ads per day in order to get paid and make some money back

Genesis Global Network Scam?

I would definitely not call this company a scam it is well set up and as a company it obviously works and there are people making money from it.

I mean it has the same problem that all MLM companies have and that’s difficulty in duplication and recruiting new affiliates because you have to take the time to learn how to attract people to you and your opportunity using attraction marketing.

I.e. ranking so that people find you on Youtube and Google

If you can do that you can make Genesis Global Review or any other MLM company work for you.

Genesis Global Network Compensation Plan

Genesis global network review

Like I said above it is very confusing and you would need at least a honors degree to get it right so I’m not even going to attempt it 🙂

In general you make money from the sales of their products and recruiting new people to build a down list

I personally like simple compensation plans like in the company I promote MTTB.

You sell an initial product make a commission of $45 then leave all the hard work of backend sales to the professional company sales team who make you higher commissions…….

You then get informed via email or phone that you just made a $1,000+ commission.

Simple and easy to understand.

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