How To Make Money On Clickbank Without A Website

So in this video we will look at:

How To Make Money On Clickbank Without A Website

Clickbank is one of the first platforms I would go to as a new affiliate marketer and tha’s mainly because it will take away all the strain and hassle from having to have a website from you.

Watch the video below to see how you can use Clickbank to earn even if you have no website at all:



Do You Need A Website To Make Money?

Well when I first started on my online journey, I was of the notion that you needed a pretty
website with all the bells and whistles or you wouldn’t make a penny.

And the truth is that’s not the case….

Don’t get me wrong as you start earning and you understand the basics of making cash from
the comfort of your computer then having a website is a good idea…..

But don’t let the excuse of not having a website hold you back.

You see that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing; you can let somebody else do all the donkey
work, put together a superstar website with great videos etc
(Things that would cost you thousands if you done it yourself)……

And you just make money off it 🙂

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is! See proff in the video…..

One of the first places I would go to get started would be Clickbank…And in the video
I will show you how you can use Clickbank to make money without a website.

Once you see how easy this can be, you’ll probably sprint off and get started in a heartbeat.
Just remember to come back and let me know how it goes

Enjoy the vid and speak soon!


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