IM Academy Event

My Verdict On The IM Academy Event In Barcelona

So I went to the IM Academy Event In Barcelona in April 2022 and I have to say when I first arrived I thought have I turned up at a football match because everyone seemed like they were 20 years old and dressed in hoodies 🙂

But after I established I was in the right place and I went into the arena, the energy that hit me was infectious…

Even if you were a zombie you would have felt inspired and just pumped. I filmed it and you can see exactly what I mean in this video below

The main thing I got from the event is the feeling that to reach the highest ranks in this company is achievable because the people in those positions were just ordinary everyday people

Before I went, in my head, these guys were just like some sort of God’s but after it just gave me the sense that one day I also will be up on that stage and that level of belief I don’t believe you can get it anywhere else than at one of these IM Academy events

Check out what I mean in this video

IM Academy Event

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IM Academy Event