Income League Review – Is Income League A Scam?

Income League Review


There are tons of affiliate marketing websites online-some of them deliver on their promises while others not as much. As a matter of fact, most of them are just scams created by people who want to make an easy buck. So is Income League the same. We investigate that in this Income League Review.

In this review, we shall have an honest and unbiased view of Income League and find out if it is the real deal or just another scam. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

If you want to watch rather than read you can watch this video below:

Income League Website

On the landing page of the website, there is a statement that claims you can make thousands of dollars in a day by posting little advertisements- if you only knew the trick!

Well this is misleading since affiliate marketing is not about tricks but putting in effort and having smart strategies. Additionally, it is very difficult to make thousands of dollars in a day especially as a beginner.

The information is also misleading since the website leads you to believe that by using Income League, making money through affiliate marketing will be a ride in the park.

income league review

How Does Income League Work

In the website’s video, the two founders of the program- Matt Neer and Jamie Lewis- talk about how they make very good money online.

Matt Neer for instance, claims to earn a lot of cash in commissions by posting little advertisements. However what he does not disclose is that he probably has a mailing list with fifty to a hundred thousand people.

He promotes other businesses to the people on his email list and since he has been in the online business for a very long time, people will buy products that he recommends.

As a result, he earns big commissions.

Moreover, he sells many products through websites that he creates and also uses affiliates to help him reach more people and thus sell more.

Income League Products

Matt Neer claims to be posting little advertisements, but he undoubtedly sends them to his rather long mailing list. That is how internet marketing is done.

Jamie’s methods aren’t much different from those of his friend Matt. Jamie has been in the business much longer than Matt and he has much more experience in the online money making business.  In fact, he creates and sells website for 6 figure plus.

income league

So Is Income League A Scam?


No. Not in the strict sense of the word. However, as successful as the founders of the program are in internet marketing and making money online, their program Income League does not teach you how to be as successful.

The video is an attraction to make you want to buy the program. As earlier explained, it takes much more effort than posting little advertisements to earn big online especially in affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that Matt and Jimmie do not make as much as they claim to in the video-they do- the problem is that the program will not show YOU how they really earn that big!

The Income League would be a great product if it showed you the real methods of creating promotions and marketing them yourself or by using affiliates. It would also be great if it taught you how to build mailing lists- none of which it does.

income league scam


No, Income League is not a scam but it falls short of what one could expect from a program created by two online gurus. It teaches you how to create small websites that will not earn you a lot. In order to get the very best out of this system you have to spend a lot more that it states initially. Therefore, it is not a wise investment.

So This Company Is A Dud, But What Is Your Top Recommendation? What Do You Promote Manny?

So I fully recommend the opportunity that you can access below. I have gone right through the whole system with a fine tooth comb and think it is one of the better opportunities out there which is why I now personally endorse it.

I have been marketing it for just a short while and am already making tons of dollars using it and I know that this works for absolute newbies as you will see if you click the image below.


Income League Review