Infinite Increasing Income Review

Infinite Increasing Income – The Wonder Cure


So in this article we will be taking an unbiased look at the Infinite Increasing Income product and will be doing a full review.

What Is Infinite Increasing Income?

Well in essence Infinite Increasing Income is a cash gifting system but wait for it they also make the absolutely riduculous claim that their lotion that they are peddling is a cure for Corona Virus.

Called “Medic In A Bottle”

I think in these times that is a little irresponsible but hey you do and say what you need to make money and recruit others i guess 🙂

I have made a video below to explain all of this. (Watch The Video)

Infinite Increasing Income Review

Infinite Increasing Income Compensation Plan

Well in essence this is a cash gifting system.

It costs $110 to join…..well $360 (with a $150 30 day discount yeah right)

Then $50 per month that you pay to stay in the system. This money goes to your sponsor also the 1st person you recruit their money also goes to your sponsor.

What you get is the commission of the 2nd person down the line. So the recruit of your recruit.

You get $50/m pass up’s as long as the person stays an active member

This is known as a 1up system which is really what everyone talks about with this system.

So you make money by eitheir selling the wonder elixir or by recruiting others to join and recruit others too.

Infinite-Increasing-Income-ReviewInfinite Increasing Income Conclusion

For me you should avoid this Infinite Increasing Income like the plague not only because I don’t like the claims they are making but secondly they don’t have any training and let’s be honest all it really is is a cash gifting system.

If you want access to my No.1 recomendation that is one of the easiest systems I’ve seen to get started especially for newbies. Then click on the button below and watch the training video which will explain all:

Infinite Increasing Income Review