Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is wealthy affiliate a scam?

Wealthy Affilate Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


Well the answer to that question is obviously NO!! This is a beast of a product and it would literally take you years to get through all the valuable content

Online Juggernault WA

Wealthy affiliate is an online marketing juggernault that basically has everything you need to know now and probably for the forseeable feature.

Wealthy affiliate was put together by 2 dynamic duo entrepreneurs who just by some of the reviews i researched
are straight stand up guys..

Infact I was shocked that when I signed up for the FREE account I got a welcome email from the founder asking me if I needed any help.

ERR unheard of or what

So I thought let me take my time and review this properly.

So remember this is on the FREE account which you can sign up for here

So firstly you should start by reviewing the Get Started Here Tab

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here Tab

So you get written lessons and videos on topics like:

  • Understanding How To Make Money Online
  • Choosing A Niche
  • Building Your Own Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready For SEO
  • Creating Quality Website Content

Plus much more this is just skimming the surface.

Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Bootcamp

A bit of a mouthful I know but what you get from this tab is another 10 part course showing you all you need to know to set up a profitable affiliate websitre.

Learn Things Like:

  • Getting A Pwerful Domain Name
  • Organising Your Website
  • Writing Great Content
  • Leveraging Content From Wealthy Affiliate On Your Site

Plus much more……

What Other Gems Do You Get

Now this is only the tip of the iceberg…

You’ll also get 2 FREE websites which are totally hosted and really easy to put together.

Just a click and create site that is child’s play to do. Infact you could have an active affiliate site up and running and selling your affiliate products and making you money.

And not just that the cream de la creame is the keyword tool.

Jaxxy One Of The Best Keyword Tools Out There

Jaxxy is a keyword tool that is one of the best out there. It gives you some of the top keywords to target in your niche and not just that it has a traffic light system that tells you how difficult the keyword is to rank for.

So with just the free account you get to use 50 Jaxxy searches and if you up grade then it’s unlimited.

Wealthy Affiliate Gives You Tons For FREE

You can see you get a huge amount for absolutely nothing and it really is for nothing.

No start paying in 30 days time or any of those underhanded tricks……Legitimately Free

Oh and did I mention you get to use their interactive forum and talk to members and ask questions if you need to

So you ask how do they make any money then…….

That comes from the upgrade. If you upgrade then believe or not you get even more value.

You get access to regular weekly webinars where they teach invaluable marketing skills also unlimited websites, unlimited use of Jaxxy and forums plus host more

Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Another thing you get is the chance to sell the system as an affiliate (even from the free account) and make a healthy commission.

The conversions rates work out to something like 8-1.

That is 8 free accounts that sign up usually one of them become a paid member and then you make a recurring income of $11pm and up to $100+ dollars if they take the top upgrade.

Go and check out the affiliate rates for yourself here.

Yes this might be a bit of a biased Wealthy Affiliate Review….

But when you see a programme of quality you shouldn’t just make up faults for the fun of it.

The only thing slightly negative that I can say about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is too much information and a newbie could get information overload.

If you tried to take in everything they teach then you’ll spend your whole life on the site and do no work.

But if your sensible and just use what you need then I believe it is a great resource.

I hope you enjoyed my wealthy affiliate review if you have any questions or comments please leave it in the box below and please share with your friends.

To Your Success


P.S. If you want to have a look at wealthy affiliayte and get the FREE sign up account then click the link below:

How Can I Be A Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate review