Isagenix Review – Is This Really For You?

An unbiased Isagenix review


The multi-billion dollar slimming industry offers an amazing range of products for people.

It can be said that more and more products are being introduced into the market on a daily basis and choosing a product has become a daunting task for common people.

Obesity is an extremely alarming concern for many people in this fast paced world and the unhealthy eating habits are making matters worse. You might have seen a long list of slimming or weight loss products and Isagenix products can certainly be described as one of the most popular names in that list.

This Isagenix review analyzes the pros and cons of all products available in the product line in an unbiased manner to help you make an informed decision.

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 What is Isagenix?

Isagenix offers a wide range of protein shakes, bars and herbal supplements that promote weight loss and healthy living.

The company came into existence in 2002 and the founders of this company are Jim Coover, Kathy Coover and John Anderson. Isagenix combines nutritional benefits with direct-marketing experience in a harmonious manner.

Instead of using conventional forms of marketing methods, the company makes use of the unlimited possibilities of multi-level marketing and the founders are of the opinion that Isagenix offers a perfect combination of freedom, health and innovation.

isagenix review



Learn about the founders

An unbiased Isagenix review cannot undermine the importance of analyzing the credibility of the makers.

Jim cover, Co-founder and President of the company, is a visionary leader and he has more than 30 years’ experience in building and guiding different companies in the health and wellness industry.

Cathy Coover is a highly respected network marketing trainer and she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom by designing highly innovative and beneficial training programs and support systems.

Last but not least; John Anderson is a well known private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator and he has created around 2300 nutritional and weight loss products for more than 600 companies.


What does Isagenix offer?

Isagenix offers a wide range of products including meal replacement shakes and supplements to suit the varying requirements of different people.

The company has come up with different weight loss packages like 30-day nutritional cleansing program, 9-day nutritional cleansing program, shake and cleanse pak, healthy maintenance program, 30-day starter pak, Kosher cleanse 2 pak and it also offers different types of snacks and mini meals, energy and performance solutions and healthy ageing solutions as well.

You can also purchase individual items like Ageless Actives, Cleanse for Life, e+, Essentials for Men and Women, FibreSnacks, Ionix Supreme, IsaDelight Plus, IsaFlush, Isagenix Greens, Isagenix Snacks, IsaLean Bars, IsaLean Pro, IsaLean Shake, IsaPro, Kosher IsaLean Shake, Natural Accelerator Product B, Slim Cakes and many more.


How do Isagenix products work?

The true quality of a product can be only be assessed when you come to know how it works to deliver excellent results. So let’s review this aspect in a detailed manner.

The 30-day nutritional cleansing program offers a range of unique products that revitalize your body by removing the impurities and it creates the right environment for improved nutrition.

With the help of this program, you can take control of your life and you can achieve peak performance and manage your weight in the best possible manner as well. This package advocates the combined use of 6 Isagenix products and you also receive a 30-day system guide and a 30-day system Fast Facts guide as well.

If you want to jump-start your health and wellbeing, you can choose the 9-day nutritional cleansing program and this package contains a combination of 4 products. When you follow this program, your body receives complete nutrition and you can also restrict the calorie intake in the best possible manner.

The quality of the ingredients helps you control food cravings with utmost efficiency as well. Other products and packages like Shake and Cleanse Pak, 30-day starter Pak, kosher Pak, IsaLean Shake and natural Accelerator also have also been designed to address the varying cleansing and fat burning requirements of different people.

Various studies have shown that these products contain right amount of protein, energy-boosting carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals that promote reduced food cravings ,and healthy weight loss while building lean and strong muscle mass. The shakes are available in four flavors and they include creamy French vanilla, strawberry, black sesame and Dutch chocolate as well.

isagenix review



The scope of the Isagenix business opportunity

There are two ways to make money using the multi-level marketing system of Isagenix.

You can sell the products as a distributor and in order to boost sales, things like coupons and coupon codes can be used as well. You receive a cut of the sale as a distributor.

The second option is to build a down line by recruiting other distributors or sales associates and a good back office website office is provided for distributors.

Good network marketing programs always offer an excellent compensation plan and the existing clients are of the opinion that the company offers a highly beneficial compensation plan. You can find six ways to make money with Isagenix and they include retail profits on sales, Product introduction bonuses, Enroll an associate+ product introduction Pak, Autoship rewards, Team bonus and 10% matching team bonus.

Each impartial Isagenix review clearly conveys that the quality of the products, credibility of the manufacturer and the excellent compensation make this business opportunity truly attractive and highly beneficial.

Pros of Isagenix

1) Isagenix offers top quality and innovative weight loss products that fast and effective weight loss and healthy living. All products contain right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals to deliver optimal results.


2) Since you have a wide range of products and packages to choose from, finding the most suitable plan becomes a hassle free process.


3) The reputation of the founders adds great amount of credibility to the products.


4) The highly beneficial network marketing opportunity and the compensation plan add a totally different dimension and it can be said that Isagenix offers a perfect combination of freedom, health and innovation.


5) These products control the food cravings without imposing unwanted over the calorie intake.


6) Since its inception in 2002, the sales of the company have never come down and the network marketing opportunity associated with Isagenix has also grown beyond all expectations.


 Cons of Isagenix

1) The cost of the products is always on the higher side.


2) Since the sugar content in some of the products are bit high, the weight loss journey may not become as result oriented as one expects.


The opinions of the existing customers can make or break the reputation of a product. Each unbiased Isogenix review focuses hard on the feedback of the existing customers and it can be said without an iota of doubt that Isagenix has a large pool of fully satisfied customers and ever increasing sales reassert this opinion without a shadow of doubt as well.

The only problem with this or any MLM type company is that most people struggle to make sales and recruit people into their downline. The marketing methods that they employ are outdated (eg. home parties and just talking to random strangers).

What you need to learn is how to become the pursued rather than the pursuer. Thus you need to learn how to market online. How to rank highly on things like Google and YouTube so that people find you when they are searching for Isagenix or any other MLM.

I have learned how to do that and if you are interested I reveal all in the link below.

Hope you enjoyed this honest Isagenix Review if you have any questions then leave it in the comments below.

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