Kitsy Lane Reviews

Honest Kitsy Lane Review 


In this post I will do an honest unbiased Kitsy Lane Review

We will dig deeper into Kitsy Lane and you can see if this is a company you want to get involved with…..

First Things First…..Why Kitsy Lane?

Well firstly I have to tell you that I am presently not promoting Kitsy Lane as an affiliate which is why I can give you a completely neutral opinion on the research I’ve done.

The reason I picked this company to review is that a lot of people have been telling me about it and how easy it is to get set up and get started….especially my female clients. Surprise surprise.

So for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read here is the full video review

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Tell Me More 

Kitsy Lane gives you the chance to run your own online boutique and jewelry store.

You can get started for free as long as you reside in the United States or have a US number. But once you have that you can get started in less than 10 minutes.

The artistic among you will take a bit of time and set up a great looking store using products provided on the site which are products from young designers and more established designers, but all in all in probably a day you’ll be good to go with a fully loaded online boutique that once you’re given the web address you can start sending people to.

How Do You Get Paid 

Well initially everything you sell you make 25% commission on and as you grow your team then also your commissions grow. However the volume of sales have to be $1,000+ in volume  before you get an extra 5% in commission.

The compensation structure is quite complicated and is not easily found on the site. Took some digging for me to find out how you earn more than 25%.

In essence it is like most MLM companies you make commissions by selling the products yourself, you also make commissions when recruiting others and you make commissions on their sales.

However 25% on all sales and an extra 5% on your recruits is not much so your volume of sales need to be high if your thinking of making this a full time business..

kitsy lane reviews

Kitsy Lane Scam?

So you know your going to get the question is Kitsy Lane a scam? Which unfortunately you get with every MLM. In this case it definetely is not a scam.

The products are real the compensation although low is real and people are making decent money with the opportunity and enjoying it.

So No, Kitsy Lane is not a scam but is it hard to make work? That is a resounding YES!!


You know how to market online. If you know how to drive targeted traffic and get leads then really whatever you promote will be a success because you are putting the right people in front of the right offer.

With Kitsy Lane you would need to find people that like fashion and accessories and are willing to buy those online. Also as it stands this is really geared towards women as I could not find any male products 🙂

There lies the problem most people are clueless as to how to generate the right type of traffic to the right offer.

Kitsy Lane Products 

The products that Kitsy Lane really specialise in are

Hair Products

But even though it advertises Kids and Men’s Products on the site they are no where to be found.

Another thing is I’ve heard that the quality of the products is not great but I can’t 100% confirm that.

Conclusion Of Kitsy Lane Review

I believe Kitsy Lane is great if you are looking for a little side project that you add onto some other online marketing project.

Why I say that is that if you learn how to market online and drive leads to an offer then you want to make huge commissions.

You want to be earning $1,000+ really. And with Kitsy Lane you will be making small amounts most times less than $20.

To make it worth your while you would need to drive large amounts of traffic (views) to your online boutique and then also build your team.

Thus I believe this should be a side line that you put as a secondary opportunity after a higher paying primary opportunity like MTTB.

What Is MTTB?

If your going to learn how to market online then you should at least get paid handsomely for it. With MTTB you can make commissions of $1,000, $5,000 and up to $9,000+. You also get a 21 step training system that shows you exactly what you need to do to start making these commissions and even more importantly you get a coach that shows you 1-2-1 how to drive targeted traffic to MTTB or any other offer……

Kitsy Lane if you want.

To find out more about MTTB and find out how others are profiting using this proven system then click the link below

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All the best


P.S. I hope you enjoyed this Kitsty Lane Review if you did and have any questions please leave them in the comments box below. If you want to know more about the opportunity I promote CLICK HERE


kitsy lane reviews

kitsy lane reviews