Life Tree World Review – Is Life Tree World Scam?

Life Tree World Review


Lately, there have been a lot of stories about the Life Tree World Company, especially on social media networks. In fact, many people are trying to sell this business opportunity to their friends and loved ones so that they can paid as they shop.

Life Tree World Review- About the Company

Life Tree World is a United Kingdom based online store that uses network marketing to market its products.

The official website of this company shows that the company is registered with the DSA. However, the site does not list or say anything about the management of the company. This means that the public doesn’t know who owns or runs the company, and this makes me wonder if it’s just another scam.

It is very important for the public to know the person(s) that runs a business. This boosts the brand of a business and increases its popularity because it appears to be reputable. In addition, if anything goes wrong, there will be someone to take responsibilities.

Due to the fact they are withholding this information; it creates a bit of a troublesome issue. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Life Tree World is a scam, but it also doesn’t mean that the company is not a scam.

Life Tree World Products


Life Tree World claims to add more than 300 new products every month. Just like Amazon or EBay, the company has a wide selection of products to choose from.

The categories include Electricals, Health and Hygiene, Beverages, House Hold items, Babies and Kids, etc. In addition, there is a special category for new arrivals.

Since the company claims to add more than 300 new products every month, there is a high probability that they will grow tremendously over the coming months. They already have an exceptional starting line, however, it is yet to be seen if they can maintain its standards and increase its products as promised.

Life Tree World Review

Life Tree World Compensation Plan

Life Tree World pays its affiliates and customers commissions based on the quantity of products that they have purchased and helped the company to sell. This is an interesting technique but you have to be cautious because there are also membership charges.

In simple terms, if you want to earn a lot of money, you have to purchase more and more goods that the company offers within their product line.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Life Tree World?

As an affiliate you are required to pay an initial membership fee of £35.

Once this initial amount has been paid, you become an official active member and receive a welcome discount of two percent. It’s obvious that two percent appears to be a very small amount, but if you make them your one stop online shopping centre for all your products, the two percent discount will accumulate as you purchase more and more goods.

So the more money you spend with Life Tree World, the more you increase your chances of moving to the next affiliate membership.

Compensation Matrix

Life Tree World affiliate membership is based on the amount of money that you spend per month within the company.

In order for you to remain active as an affiliate member, you will be required to purchase groceries and other goods worth £165 per month. In return, the company will award you with 100 points, and this translates to a commission of £3.30.

The good news is commission is accumulative; this means that the £3.30 is not the only commission that you will ever receive. The company works on a principle of spending money to get money. You will also earn commission through encouraging more and more people to join this program.

Once you have encouraged two people to join the affiliate program, you will start earning commission from all the purchase that are made by the people that you recruited.

The two first recruits that you bring to Life Tree will start earning you a commission of one percent. This means that if the affiliates you recruited spend the monthly required amount of £165, you will earn £1.65 per affiliate.

Conversely, if your recruits manage to encourage other people and recruit them, you will earn a 0.5 percent commission off of their purchase.

Life Tree World Compensation Plan

Adding all these benefits to the ability to get free products and groceries as you encourage more people to join this company, it becomes clear that Life Tree World main goal is to encourage their affiliates to recruits as many people as they can.

Is Life Tree World a Scam?

Just like any other business opportunity, people will always talk and spread rumors that cannot be verified.

So, is Life Tree World Scam or Legit? For a business to be a scam, the “inside sales” must exceed the “sales to real customers”. There is no concrete proof that Life Tree World is a scam because no one can proof that it’s “inside sales” exceeds the “sales to real customers”.

There is always a confusion as to whether sales to affiliates should be regarded as sales to customers given that most of the affiliates joined the program because of the two percent money back. For now, let’s give Life Tree World the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Life Tree World Scam


You only require 35 pounds to become an affiliate member of Life Tree World. You also have the power to cancel your membership within 14 days and get your refund.

They work on a very simple principle, spend money to earn money. This means that you increase your potential income every time you purchase from the company and encourage people to join the program and also buy from the company.

So far, the only problem with the company’s policy is requiring affiliates to purchase groceries and other goods worth 165 pounds per month. This might seem like a little amount to some people but to others it isn’t.

What’s more, there is no pricing information or options to purchase products that are listed on the company’s website. This means that affiliates members may be the only individuals who know how to purchase products from the main website.

In my opinion the commissions are way too low and the monthly amount you have to spend too high. If you like the products and feel that you want to purchase all your household good from them then it could work but for me I prefer to do shopping at Tesco’s and online marketing on my computer 🙂

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