Method X Review

Method X Review


In this Method X review I will be looking at the product by Mark Barret and James Fawcett. Who are Warriorplus product producers and normally I run a mile from these sorts of software.

They are normally very hypey and they hardly ever do what they say. What they miss out a lot of the time is the traffic training

method x review

However this time they have put together a software that actually works

It is thus about paid advertising using Bing but a way to do it in a super cheap way

What Is Method X

So what it is in essence is a training product that shows you how you can get effective keywords meaning that they have low cost per click and high click through rate.

To the newbies that just means that you can get cheap clicks that can turn into leads and you can send to your offers and the platform they show you to use initially is Bing or Microsoft Ads.

Then when you have got some great keywords that are getting you leads and maybe sales then you can take them over to Google Ads and just  ramp up the volume so as you can 10x your results

So in essence it is a Bing keyword tool that helps you get some amazing keywords that are cheap and get loads of volume and then when you get those gems you can take them over to Google.

Can Method X Get You Sales


That is a definete yes. I personally used it to get clicks from Bing for 0.30c per click annd leads for $1.30

If you imagine that I sell a $97 product you can see that it’s a no-brainer.

I think it is definetely worth a look

If you want to see a full review of it then you can watch the video below

Method X Conclusion

So after going through this with a fine tooth comb I give it the thumbs up.

If you are strugglling with traffic and want to get some paid traffic then I always advice people to get onto Bing first.

If you then can use a piece of software to help you with getting the right keywords which usually takes a lot of twaeking and testing to find then you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

If you want to have a look at the product for yourself then you can click the link below:

I want to profit from Method X

Method X Bonus


If you decide to jump in via my link then I will also give you the following bonus called:  Traffic Boss – This is a unbelievable video by one of the top internet marketer’s in the world Vic Strizeus and he shares all his secrets in this video

method x review

So if you think it’s for you then just hit the link below and I’ll see you over there:

I want to profit from Method X

Speak later


Method X Review