my lead system pro review

In-Depth My Lead System Pro Review (Also known as MLSP)


Ok so let me start off by being 100% transparent I do market mlsp but I am not joined by the hip and can be objective so as I’ll point out the pros and the cons.

We’ll highlight what this is and try to explain what type of marketing system it is although not easy to define one thing then we’ll go on to how your gonna make wongar from it if you want to and then finish with lists of Good’s and Not So Good’s if that’s ok with you.

 my lead system pro review

What is My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

In essence it is an online traing platform that shows people how to market online, get traffic and leads to whatever they are promoting using the power of attraction marketing and good thought.

Oh yeah…..As with most MLM type models you have to have the healthy slice of think correctly and you will attract the right people and the right amount of money into your life (it works but your probably rolling your eyes this very second lol) most people shut down when the mindset stuff starts.

The attractive part of this system is that anyone in the make money online, mlm or direct sales niche can use it regardless of what company their with.

Infact they encourage you to be with another company as your primary earner and then use MLSP as the supporting role that will teach you more about traffic and just basically the rules of the net.

Why Is The Model So Confusing Then?

Well it’s the MLM element to it.

If you want to watch the video on Youtube you can do here:

You can use My Lead System Pro to make money. You can make commissions for every new person that you sign up at a particular level….more to be revealed later.

So even though it is a great add on to whatever you promote some use the system itself, as a product, and promote and make money from it (though I think they were going for more the education line than anything else when they started it)

So I suppose you could call it an MLM within an MLM because still beneficial for you to build your MLSP team as that can pay you huge commissions and you promote your MLM company using it…..

If you fully understand that your a wiser person than me lol.

Basically you can make money from it as an MLM model – so sell it on to others and build a downline that pay you commissions.

These are quite healthy commissions and can add up to a huge monthly cheque quite quickly

My Lead System Pro Compensation Plan

So they have condensed everything down into 2 plans which makes life so much easier because I know they had some convoluted compensation plan that you needed a degree in physics to work out before…..

But now it’s simpler. You have:

  • MLSP University
  • MLSP Mastery

MLSP University – This costs $49.97 per month (with a $9.95 initial 7 day trial). You receive practically all the trainig materials they offer. What you don’t get is a chance to make any commission at this level and also you cant sell on any of their additional products to make money. This is more the education phase rather than making any cash.

MLSP Mastery – This costs $149.97 per month and now the full power of the system is opened up to you. You get to sell on all their products and use them in your marketing. You also make $100pm commission if you get another person to sign up for the mastery level.

The Pros And Cons Of MLSP

Ok I always like to hear bad news first so let’s get the cons out the way

  • Marketing model is a bit confusing for me is it a network marketing company or a training company bit hard to put your finger on it
  • Some of the training was a bit basic compared to others out there. But depends what level you are, if your brand new then it’s great.
  • Loads of information can lead to a little overload if not careful

So the Pros are:

  • Great as a supplement for your marketing. Not everyone wants to join the MLM company you promote but almost everyone online needs to know how to get traffic and leads which makes this an easy sell
  • Can make good money from it
  • Great follow up service –  emails, webinars, Facebook groups that really help do most of the selling for you
  • Excellent Facebook training showing how to use FB to get sales
  • All the top earners you see online started out here before they branched off to form their own companies (That includes the great David Wood from Empower Network)

Overall Verdict

Overall the pros outweigh the cons and I believe this is a great product to use and sell on.

I like the fact that you can sell it to those that are firmly married to their opportunities because you sell the benefits of the training to get traffic and leads.

As well as that not bad way to make a little extra wonga (just 10 people makes you a residual income of $1,000pm)

I hope you enjoyed this article on “my lead system pro review” and got some value from it.

If you want to check out the system for yourself and watch the introductory free video then you can do so by clicking here

To Your Success


P.S. There is a lot going for MLSP take the time to see if it’s a fit for you. Click Here to find out more

my lead system pro review