Network Marketing With Paulo Barosso

The Power Of Network Marketing and especially networking is so important to your development.

What I mean is that you need to get around people with the right mindset. The type of mindset you want to take on as an entrepreneur. The saying goes…

“Your net worth is equal to your network”.

That means you probably earn the average of what your 5 closest friends earn….so to earn more you need to get around higher earners and achievers.

So if your hanging out with negative people who are broke and have a broke mindset you too will be stuck in that same pool of negativity, with the same thoughts and mindsets.

To change this you need to get to events….

You need to get around the right type of people, people that are winners that are making online marketing work.

In this slightly noisey interview I ask a 6-figure Network Marketer Paulo Barosso what his mindset is and also why he got himself a mentor that cost $10,000 and where he found that money…

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