Niche Profit Classroom Review – Discover The True Facts About Niche Sites

Full Niche Profit Classroom Review by Adam Short

Niche Profit Classroom educates you as to what a niche site is and how you can use these simple 1 or 2-page sites to rank quickly for competitive keywords and then make some decent money using affiliate products.

What is a Niche.

In essence a niche is a specific small interest group that is quite specialised for example:

“Make money online” – Is a niche quite specialised but still would be a big sample group…..but

“Make money online from home in Colorado” – Now that’s a lot more specialised and a smaller but very targeted group of people.

So for a keyword to be a niche it has to have more than 4 words and be a specific group.

A keyword like Golf Clubs would be too large and not really considered a niche keyword. Trying to rank for a term like that would take you months and cost you thousands……

Trying to rank for “Golf Clubs that have a gym included” now that could take days and cost next to nothing as it’s so targeted.

The trick is finding a keyword that tons of people are searching for but has little competition. That is the perfect combination.

How Do I Find These Keyword Gems

In Niche Profit Classroom they show you how to find these little gems and build sites around them .

The beauty is there may be less people searching for the term but enough for you to target it and the competiotion would be a lot lower.

Once you are taught how to target these keywords that get large amounts of traffic they then show you how to sell a product on that site that would be of interest to the visitors that arrive on the page…..Then make loads of bucks from it 🙂

Niche Profit Classroom Offers:

Training – learn a proven formula to create niche affiliate sites that make thousands of dollars each and every month without fail

Tools – Niche research, site creation and site promotion all looked after in this part. Creates things like opt-in forms, keyword tools etc

Coaching – Regular video Q&A calls also bi- weekly webinar that are recorded so you can re watch whenever you like. Plus you get Forum support.

Support – 24 hour support that you get answered within 24 hours

As well as this they set you up with what they call Niche packs which contain, ebook, website, opt-in page and 10-part email follow up series ……and these are all hosted on their server for 15 sites.

These sites are based around keywords that they have already researched eg one was “Australian Sheep Dog” which got 12k hits per month but only 4,000 sites were targeting this term.

So If you want to put up simple sites this is the answer especially with the done for you packs…..

All you do is go do some research on the topic and put some content on your niche site.

Personally, I would give Niche Profit Classroom the thumbs up because it looks after all the main needs for most newbie marketers.

There have a massive library of online courses and tutorials there too so everything you would need is catered for.

Niche Profit Classroom Scam?

Now like with anything there are some pros and cons.

First off let’s answer the enevitable question “Is Niche Profit Classroom Scam?”

Well what do you think??


Infact the initial price is $1 to test for 2 weeks and then upgrades to $67pm and it has a full 60 day money back guarantee.

You would never offer that if your product was a scam.

The only thing I can say to a complete newbie is that all the training can be overwhelming and information overload is something you have to be careful of.

As well as that their main form of marketing these sites is via article marketing which is a bit dated now so would need to re look at it.

The niche packs are great but for them to rank well I believe you would have to add a bit more content than they provide for the sites

So you would  have to go out and do some further research to make the sites more engaging and give them that extra ommph.

So why you not in Niche Profit Classroom?

I personally believe that you should work on one or two websites and make them into money-making machines before you move on to do another.

So putting out hundreds of niche sites did not appeal to me (i’d rather work on this site…)

Also with niche sites they don’t come with a top tier higher priced backend offer (say $1,000+) which is where you are going to make the real money when you start marketing online.

Watch this video to see what I mean Click Here

That’s why I personally promote a programme called MTTB because it has 90% of all the work done for you….

That includes, opt-in pages, phone and skype support, training and top tier upgrades that make you over $5,000+.

I hope you enjoyed this niche profit classroom review. If you have any questions please leave in the comments below.

To Your Success