Niche Profit Full Control Review- The Real Truth!

Niche Profit Full Control Review by Adam Short

The new niche profit product that claims to show you how to make your first $10,000pm online using niche sites is about to be released.

As soon as it is we will be doing a full unbiased review to show you the full back office to show you what actually works with this Niche Profit Full Control Product and what needs more work so that you can then go on to make your own informed decision as to weather or not you wish to buy it.

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Full Niche Profit Full Control Review

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More On This Niche Profit Full Control Review

Niche Profit Full Control is the newest product from highly successful Internet marketer Adam Short.

In this course, Adam and his team are going to teach you exactly how to create high quality digital products that sell themselves through his Special Implementation classes, part of the exclusive member’s area. In addition, you’ll learn how to conduct niche research, an easy process to quickly create award-winning information products, and how to present the product so that people will gladly pay you a lot of money for them.

This course will teach you how to create a high-powered marketing funnel that keeps bringing traffic in and converting it to sales for years and years on autopilot. In this Niche Profit Full Control review, we’ll talk about what the system teaches and who it’s right for.

Who is Adam Short?

Adam Short is an immensely successful internet marketer known for his program Niche Profit Classroom. In addition to this product alone, other products by Adam Short have been purchased by more than 32,000 customers, all of whom have highly praised the system. Beyond just showing you how to create an online business, Adam is going to share with you a number of case studies that have helped former students achieve success.

Adam specializes in teaching users how to create a product that sells itself. The idea behind this is that once you create the product, it’s so well-suited to your target market that you don’t have to actually “sell” it at all.

The problem most marketers face is that they make products and offers that are a decent idea, but only vaguely solve their market’s problem. The key is to figure out exactly what your market needs, give it to them, and get people to click that buy button.

What Niche Profit Full Control Teaches

The firs thing a good marketer needs to do when creating a product or service is to be totally objective about it. This is pretty hard. After all, we all think of ourselves as the experts and that we naturally understand our potential buyers. But in reality, the experts are going to surfer from what Adam Short calls “the curse of knowledge.”

This is the idea that the customer you are selling to knows as much as you do about what he needs and how he can get it — but he does not know this. So it is your job to step back and be objective, rethinking your strategy about what customers really want and need. Niche Profit Full Control shows you exactly how to find out what they need.

The bottom line: your customers have different desires, needs, and motivations that what you as the expert do. Figuring out those needs will get you into a position to create a product that sells itself.

Understanding Your Buyer

You have got to get into your buyer’s head. They have a problem; you have a solution. More clearly, they have a very specific problem (or set of problems) and you have very specific solutions. If you can figure out what those are, you will see your sales skyrocket. But you have go to speak to them in their language, not yours. This means addressing their specific needs.

One of those most effective ways to do this is to talk to them one-on-one. Use the phone, or email. Listen to the words they use, key phrases and terms. WRITE THOSE DOWN. Yes, it takes times but it will really help your sales — and boost your income levels immensely. Talking to them one to one isn’t the only way — you can also go to forums and review sites, blog comments, websites and surveys on your niche.

Developing Your Buyer’s Solution

Adam Short talked about a previous system he wrote where he surveyed a lot of buyers and asked them what they wanted. What he found was that they didn’t just want product launch training.

They wanted something that would help them finish the book and start building a following. Most of this potential buyers had at least half he book written but had stalled — and then, they had no customers to sell to once it was written.

So by listening to what they actually wanted (to build an audience) and not just what he thought they wanted (technical details of a product launch), he was able to redevelop his product based on that. Niche Profit Full Control walks you through the entire process from start to finish of how to learn what your audience wants.

Negatives of Niche Profit Full Control

Although the system does deliver a great deal of value, there are downsides. For one, you have to go through the member’s area to really get the full value here. Without sitting down to one-on-one training, you aren’t going to learn everything you can about understanding your niche market. Additionally, there is no guarantee you’re going to be talking to Adam himself.

You may end up just talking to one of the representatives. You’ll need to be prepared to do a lot of homework on your own to make this product work for you.

Secondly, once you do study the product in and out, you have to actually go out and implement the techniques he teaches you. This is not a one-stop-shop; this is a proven system that takes time and effort to implement. Be prepared to treat it like a business that is going to require dedication and patience.

How to Create Content Your Audience Can Use

Niche Profit Full Control teaches marketers about what Adam Short calls the fluff trap. Product creators feel like they need to pad the content to make it more serious. Well, this makes sense: industry has taught as that more material is more value. What customer would want short and smaller than industry standard products?

Paying customers will, actually. The thing is — if you don’t know what questions they want answered, you will have to pad your content. But if you know what their questions are and you can teach them exactly what they want to know, they won’t care how short the book is. Their problems are getting solved faster and shorter than ever. Niche Profit Full Control teaches how to do this.

Figuring Out Your Audience’s Delivery Method of Choice

One final key thing this product will teach you is the core question you need to ask your customers. “What kind of product do you want?”

Some people love PDFs because they can read it right away. Some folks like physical versions, DVDs, or CDs/MP3s. Some may want online video. So you need to figure out what the want — even if it’s over the phone or in person consulting.

Ask your customers. You might find out they want things you didn’t expect in formats you weren’t planning. So if 50% of your audience wants a PDF, you darn well better be giving them one!

Professional Product Creation

One of the worst mistakes you can make is going through all the effort to create a great product, and then when it is launched, it looks homemade. That’s fine, but paying a designer to get you a professional looking cover and images on the sales page will really go a long way. It shows you take it seriously. It shows you care.

Niche Profit Full Control will teach you how to find new designers who are just breaking in and are willing to work for less money. Even just $100 can get you a great cover page and professional looking design.

What You’ll Get With the System

The basic program is an 8-week training module divided into separate modules as well. The training is conducted in webinar form, where the creators also answer live questions from their students. You’ll learn how to set up your selling machine correctly, receive product creation and sales funnel training, as well as how to test and convert properly.

You’ll learn how to maximize traffic, maximize profit, and how to publish content appropriately on the web.

As a buyer, you’ll also receive Adam Short’s personal email swipes, as well as 6 different pieces of software and a goal setting/time management video training course.

One of the most valuable additions to this program is access to the private community forum, where you can receive support from other students and Internet marketing gurus.

Adam himself will come to the form and answer questions, so you’ll not just be left in the dark. Another benefit of this program is the powerful software included: Market Feeder, which shows you how to find Clickbank products that sell well; Market Analyzer, which gives you an overall market score to find a good niche; and Competition Profile, which helps you zero in on your competitors and shows you competitive performance data to help you pick good keywords and niche site selections.

How It’s Broken Down

1. 8 Week Niche Profit Full Control Training Program

2. 8 LIVE Q&A Calls With Adam Himself

3. Niche Profit Full Control Templates

4. Adam’s $1 Million Dollar Swipe File

5. Added Software Suite Worth Over $100,000

6. Acesss to Members Only Forum

7. Adam’s “Goal Setting & Time Management” Bonus Video

8. Eight Done For You Niche Businesses

Bonus Software Incuded

  • Market Feeder – Gives you Niche Site Suggestions



  • Market Analyser – Analyses a market to show if it is worth your while to target it



  • Competition Profiler – Analyses your competitions websites and sales funnels giving you information on how well they are doing



  • Niche Profit Press – Point and click site templates that builds beautiful sites that includes

– Squeeze Pages ;  – Sales Pages ;  – Webinar Pages ; – Plus tons more



  • Traffic Advantage – Helps you take advantage of social media traffic and drive it your way



  • Social Leads Builder – Viral list building on autopilot. Encourages people to refer your website over the various popular social media platforms


Hopefully, this Niche Profit Full Control review has explained exactly what the system gives you.

The bottom line is, with Niche Profit Full Control, Adam is going to show you how he went from a school dropout to a serious Internet marketer to pulling in seven figures every year when he figured out how to create and sell online products.

He will show you how to dial in and target your niche given the specific behavior and wants, desires, and needs of people in your market. He’ll teach you how to drill down your niche to focus on specific market segments. He’ll show you the right questions to ask yourself about your expertise and interest level. And he’ll also show you how to develop your confidence and self-esteem to make sure you can break through the fear barriers and get your content out there and raking in huge amounts of cash.

I hope you enjoyed this “Niche Profit Full Control Review”. If you have any questions leave it in the comments box below.


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