PIF Explosion Review – Is PIF Explosion Ponzi Scheme Or Scam?

PIF Explosion Review


PIF stands for Pay It Forward, a common term in network marketing. There is no any vital information about who owns or runs PIF on their official website. The company’s domain “pifexplosion.com” was registered on 18th August 2015 and set to private.

As always, if a direct selling company does not disclose such important information, think twice before you decide to join.

PIF Explosion

PIF Explosion Review – The Product Line

PIF Explosion doesn’t offer any retail products or services. The affiliate’s sole responsibility is to market the company’s affiliate membership.

PIF Explosion membership gives you advertising credits on their website. The ads that you buy will be displayed to other affiliates who sign up to the business.

PIF Explosion Review – The Compensation Plan

If you want to be enrolled to PIF Explosion compensation plan you will be required to pay an upfront fee of $4.90 for a matrix position. You will start earning commissions once other affiliates pay this amount.

You will earn a commission of $2.50 per every member that you sponsor into the business. This commission is paid out through a 315 matrix compensation structure.

A matrix compensation structure places one affiliate at the top of the team, with three positions directly under him or her (level 1). The three positions under you forms the first team of the matrix, with the second level (level 2) generated by dividing each of the first positions into another three position each.

Subsequent levels of this compensation plan are generated in the same manner, with a full 315 matrix compensation structure consisting of 15 levels. In general there are 21,523,359 positions in a full 315 matrix.

PIF Explosion pays its affiliates commissions as positions in the matrix are filled, either through direct or indirect recruitment of new affiliates. The amount of commission paid is based on the level of the matrix that is filled. The commissions paid out are as follows:

Level 1: Has three (3) positions and you receive a commission of 75 cents per position filled

Level 2: Has nine (9) positions and you receive a commission of 50 cents per position filled

Level 3: Has twenty seven (27) positions and you receive a commission of 25 cents per position filled

Levels 4 to 9: You receive a commission of 10 cents per position filled

Levels 10 to 15: You receive a commission of 5 cents per position filled

PIF Explosion Review

Cost To Join PIF Explosion


PIF Explosion paid affiliate membership is set at $4.90. This payment appears to be a one-time payment since there are no any other details on their website.

PIF Explosion Scam


So is PIF Explosion Scam? Well I don’t like the fact that there are no contact details on the site. Also no real products or services. When the incentive is just to recruit others to the program I stay well away because that can only be sustained for a short while.

It is hard to call it an out and out scam but I would stay well away.

PIF Explosion Scam


When you become a PIF Explosion affiliate, you will not be selling anything. Your main responsibility will be to give away gold membership. They claim that to get started you need to be “invited”.

The main idea of this business is that an affiliate pays for a new member to join the business they are promoting, with their money earned from subsequent recruitment commissions. Free PIF Explosion affiliate memberships don’t generate any income for the company and therefore don’t earn any commission.

The fact that there are no products or services to be marketed or sold to real customers and commissions paid out on the recruitment of new affiliates, makes PIF Explosion a big Ponzi scheme.

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