Please Help Me Make Money

Please Help Me Make Money

I recently got from a guy in the Philippines who wrote,”Please help me make money.”
When I really read the email and looked into it. He’s wasn’t actually asking me, “Please, help me, show me the strategies, show me the things that you’re doing and help me that way.” He’s actually saying, “Please, give me money.”

Why I don’t do that, I mean I give very generously to charity because I believe if you have been blessed enough, which I have, to be able to make money and find a way to make money, especially making money online, then you should give back. I believe in giving back to charity and I also believe in giving back in value.

I’ve got to a point now where I understand about leads and marketing, so now I do these things regulatory, even with something like this. I’m not actually doing this hoping “Please, please buy. Please help me make money.” No, it’s more, hopefully you’ll get something from it, you’ll get some sort of value and you’ll see the value in it, and then you’ll that it’s worth going forward.

I’m thinking to myself, if I think back to my journey, if I had just gone to mentor and I said, “Please help me make money,” but hoping that he’s just going to give me money. Say for example he did then I wouldn’t have learned the things I’ve learned today. I wouldn’t have learned how to market. Why would I need to? I’m just going to get handed money

I wouldn’t have had to hustle. I wouldn’t have felt to myself the need to go marketing events. I wouldn’t have felt the need to try networking and meet new people and find people who were making it happen and get in their corner and get on their Facebooks.

It’s a hustle but it grows you. It’s not just about the money at the end of the day. The money is a bonus. What the money gives you is that freedom to do what you really want. I know, really deep down, underneath the money is what people really are looking, is that time freedom, is that time to spend with their children. Or whatever they love to do.

For me its travel anI just recently went to Barcelona which was lovely.

It’s that kind of time freedom. I didn’t have to say to a boss, “Listen, can I take time out to go to Barcelona.” This is what the struggle of learning this and becoming good at this has given me. When people say that to me, “Please help me make money,” I’m more than happy to help. But what I will do is introduce them to something that I believe is completely newbie friendly and is the best way forward.

I’ve been in a few opportunities online, and this one I believe is the best because it ticks all the boxes. It helps you. It has somebody to coach you. It also has ways to help you get traffic. This is what a lot of people struggle when they get online, they struggle with getting leads, with getting sales.

I’m going to give you a bonus link for this, because I really want to help people as well. This link is going to be a bonus link that you can use to get involved for free. You can actually get involved for nothing. It’s going to be a free link. The link is htpp://

Once you’re over there you can opt-in, and then underneath the welcome video there’ll be a chance for you to click on that link. It’s a bonus link, like I said. You can get involved in this opportunity for free. You can look in, look in the back office, see what you think, see if it’s for you.

Speak to the coaches, bombard them with any questions that you have. Then you decide whether or not this is something I want to push forward with.

Also, another way I want to help people, anyone who’s willing to take that plunge and get involved, if they do, once you have done that and you’ve contacted your coach, then contact me on Facebook as well. I’m going to leave my Facebook link below. If you show me that you’ve done that, I will actually give you some free traffic. This is what people struggle, people struggle with getting traffic to their office, to their sales pages. I’m going to give you that. I’m going to give you that for nothing.

That’s a way I can really help people, because I really want to help. I don’t believe in just giving a handout, which is kind of what the person from the Philippines was asking me, but I do believe in if somebody making the effort and their following instructions, and yet they’re still struggling, then 100% I’m in their corner, 100%

I want to get them started, 100% I want to help them with traffic or wherever they’re struggling, to just push forward.

I hope you’re an action taker and you do jump on board. Like I said, I’ll leave the links below.

I hope you got value from this today. If you did, please take the time to like it and share it with anybody else you believe will get value from it as well. Until next time, take care and we’ll speak again soon. All the best.


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Please Help Me Make Money