Robert Kiyosaki talks about Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki Talks About Network Marketing and how having a paycheck mindset will keep you broke


Know Your Vision

As well as your why you need to know your vision.

Your vision is just as important if not more so.

If you study anything to do with the law of attraction you know that you have to imagine what it will be like to reach your goal,

See It
Touch It
Think What It Will Feel Like Inside

Before it can become a reality

What’s My Vision?

  • My initial vision is to make $400,000 per year using the internet and the marketing system I have chossen.
  • Spend more time with the kids and be there to support and see them grow.
  • Travel with people I love.
  • Show some that I really can make it happen
  • Create Time Freedom

So Here’s Some Questions I Have For You That Can Help You Discover Your Vision

Why were you open to a home business? – Really think about it what does a home business mean for you…

 What Did You Like About What You Saw In The Free Video? – If you haven’t seen it have a look here

Why Were You Initially Open To This Opportunity?

What Would This Do For You And Your Family?

What Would It Feel Like To Be A Top Earner?

How Would This Impact Your Life If You Were Successful?

So take time and build both your vision and your why remember….

Pain pushes you till a vision pulls you.

To Your Success


P.S. Successful people focus on where their going and non successful people focus on their circumstances – stare down the barell of your vision