Secret Email System Review by Matt Bacak

New Secret Email System Review By Matt Bacak


In this article we willl look at the new product called Secret Email System by Matt Bacak and do an indepth Secret Email System Review.

We will look at what the product is, what the content contains and how I belive it could help you with your marketing and then finally I will give you my conclusion so as you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to get or not

For those who would rather watch than read you can watch the video review below

Secret Email System Review

What Is The Secret Email System?

It is a ebook written by Matt Bacak who is a huge name in the email marketing field. He has been email marketing for 25 years and has spent over $65k in learning his trade which he is now sharing the secrets of in this book.

He understands about how to market affiliate programmes, how to work out the best products to market and how to make money from them using email.

In the book he talks about a concept he calls BMG10

This stands for:

  • Build – Build your list. He shows you his top 7 traffic sources that he used to create his 7 figure business
  • Mail – Email market to your list. He describes the best types of emails to mail and how to build that rapport you need to have to crush it with email
  • Getting Paid – How to work out how to get paid and you get a 3X formula that he provides for you to work that out
  • 10X – Then he shows you how to 10x your payments and climb the fortune ladder

Secret Email System Review

What Will You Find Inside This Ebook


The book is bummer packed with everything Matt has learned in his years in the business. Not just that, the bonuses he offers are just as good.

In the book he talks about:

  • Introduction to the email system and how it all came abou. He says the chapters consist of the type of information he would give to his brother if his brother wanted to get into affiliate marketing using email. And the pitfalls he would tell him to avoid
  • Long Hard Road – How he strugglled to get to where he is and how you can avoid the mistakes that he made
  • The Shoking Truth – How you literally get 6 seconds to convince people to buy from you and the techniques you need to employ to make that happen
  • The Way To Success – How to utilise the top affililiate marketing portals like ClickBank; JVZoo and Warriorplus
  • Top 7 Traffic Sources – The top 7 traffic sources that he used to crush affiliate marketing offers and how you can use the same ones too
  • Money Making Mantra – His proven money making mantra that he would give out to anyone who started in this business
  • How To 10x It – How to 10x everything and completely blow up your bank account
  • The Last Missing Piece – Without this little secret none of the above work
  • Knowing The Purpose Of Your Email Campaign – He shows you how to map this out before you even start marketing any offer
  • How To Create Credibility With Your Subscibers – Now This Is A MUST!!
  • How You Should Write Your Emails – This is broken down in amazing detail and Pg 38 shows you how to write captivating headlines too
  • Writing A Call To Action In Your Emails – Get this wrong and it all falls apart
  • How To Write Content Emails
  • How To Write Promotional Emails

Plus much much more

If email marketing is something you want to get better at then I believe this is a must read

Secret Email System Review

Secret Email System Bonus


It also has a host of bonuses one of them called the 3X Fomula

This shows you how to work out your weekly nd yearly earnings when marketing any chossen product. It even comes with a cool excel sheet that works all the figures out for you.

So for me I think it’s definetely worth it especially at the low price….Less than $6

Also if you get it through me I will throw in a FREE pdf on

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If affiliate marketing using email is something you want to do then I believe this is a no-brainer.

I personally bought this ebook and I was very impressed and have learnt some real gems that I will be implementing in my marketing immediately.

Hope you enjoyed this Secret Email System Review

Speak Soon


Secret Email System Review

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