So What’s Next For Bitcoin

There are so many analysts out there giving you their opinions on Bitcoin…..

Some say its about to shoot to the moon and just keep holding because your about to get rich

Others say it is going to Zero and if you haven’t dumped it yet then do so and do so quickly….

Well for me I listen to Michael, who is the leader of our trading group, and who has been calling the movement of Bitcoin accurately now for 2 years

It’s almost as if he’s got a crystal ball lol

And what he shows you is exactly what we teach and exactly what you can get access to next week completely for free (just click the image under the videos to find out how)

But without further ado lets see what Michael predicts for the next stage of Bitcoin

I would get my notpad out now and if nothing else write down the areas he predicts things are going to happen

Hope you enjoy…And like I said you can come and train and trade with us next week completely for free by clicking the image under the video


Update Again

IM Academy

Hope you enjoyed these Bitcoin predictions by our resident wizard it seems. I would definetely keep an eye on it and see if it plays out and there will probably be an update coming soon.

Like I said earlier, if you would like to come and train and trade with us next week completely for free then just CLICK HERE

Speak soon


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