SPX Nutrition Review – Unbiased Review Find Out All!

Honest Spx Nutrition Review

Spx Nutrition is a company that deals primarily with nutrition using weight loss, and energy gain products.

I want to make it clear that I do not promote SPX Nutrition and am not an affiliate trying to sell you on the company. This is a completely unbiased review where I will outline briefly the company, the products they mainly sell, the business opportunity and compensation plan so you can make up your own mind as to weather you want to join or not.

If you would rather watch the review via video then you can do so here SPX Nutrition Review

The reason I do these reviews is to highlight the one fundamental problem with many of these type of MLM companies and what you need to add to make success in any MLM vital.

SPX Nutrition Company

SPX Nutrition review

SPX Nutrition is a relatively young company launcehed in the summer of 2014 by a man named Rick Wall who has over 30 years of experience in the direct sales, mentoring, coaching and is an expert in marketing……

It has a 2-tier structure where people can eitheir buy and use the products or ,as most do, become an agent and go on to recruit more agents that make you a commission from the sale of the products and the work they do.

SPX Nutrition is on a mission to eliminate obesity, rejuvenate health, and restore energy with our top-quality products and this is like the company motto.

SPX Nutrition Products

SPX Nutrition products


They have 3 main products

  • Nutri-Thin – Xtreme Weight Loss Forumla.  Speaks for it self it is the companies flagship weight loss product. Retails for $40 a bottle.
  • Nutri-Cleanse – Detox Formula – Product helps with bloatng and constipation and through that will assist with weight loss. Retails for $40 a bottle.
  • Xtreme Cardio – L-Arginine Health Formula – hels improve your cardovascular health.  This product retails for $50 a bottle.

The SPX Nutrition Opportunity

The business opportunity is built on you refering the products to other people and also recruiting people as agents.

In other words, when someone sponsors a member and buys a product pack, they get a commission in the company. On top of this you make money from the sale of the products.

The cost to join is either…

$120 for the basic starter pack or $240 for the business builder pack and then you will have to be on an auto-ship to be qualified in their compensation plan.

spx nutrition review

It works out that by getting 4 people the commission you earn pays for your initial investment.

Is SPX Nutrition a Scam?

There are a lot of very similar type of companies in this weight loss products niche all based around the same business opportunity model

I know there are some SPX Nutrition reviews out there saying that this company is a scam, but the truth of the matter is…

It’s NOT a scam.

Where the problem lies is that people don’t know how to market themsleves which will help them to get leads and sales.

SPX Nutrition Verdict

Ok so what’s the verdict. I personally don’t have nothing bad to say against this product. The things I like is they have a 90 day weight challenge where they actually pay you for losing weight which is a great incentive.

As a business opportunity there is nothing radically different from this model to others.

You recruit agents and make a commission and then make extra commission on the sale of the products.

As for negatives let’s be honest most people fail at MLM because they don’t know how to attract people that are interested in joining the opportunity in order for them to make this into a lucrative opportunity.

If you knew how to personally find people that were already interested in being an agent for SPX Nutrition and all you had to do is guide them in the right direction do you think that you could then make a profit from this.

Well I think that’s a no brainer.

So if you want to learn how to recruit people to this or any MLM opportunity then I advise that you take a look at this which will teach you how to find and recruit targeted people online for any opportunity that you want to promote.

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