Take Shape for Life Review – Will this work for you?

Take Shape for Life Review


Welcome to my Take Shape for Life Review! Having heard a great deal of buzz around this company, I chose to investigate. Many new internet marketers leap into new opportunities without fully researching the company, which leads to fast failure. I want to make it known that I am not a rep for this company so this is a completely unbiased review.

The company talks themselves up in a blaze of hype, and newer marketers are easily drawn into this trap. So, in this Take Shape for Life review, we’ll discuss Take Shape for Life, the company’s products, and their compensation plan.

For those of you that prefer to watch than read here is a full video review:


Company History

Founded in 2003, Take Shape for Life began as part of MediFast, Inc., a publicly traded company. The founder of MediFast was William Vitale, who started the company in Maryland in 1980. Now, Take Shape for Life has undergone new management structure, being led by CEO Margaret Sheetz. She is additionally the COO and president of MediFast.

Take Shape for Life Review

Take Shape for Life Products

Take Shape for Life is based in the weight loss industry, and all products are distributed from — and created within — the MediFast facility. Their products include shakes, smoothies, healthy choice meals, shakes, soups, and snacks. They also include dessert and breakfast items, ranging in price kits that go between $297-$346.

The company also promotes snacks, flavor infusion products, lean and green meals, tools, supplements, and accessories. There are many products in addition to those listed here; the best way to see them all is to visit the company website.


Take Shape for Life Compensation Plan

Similarly to other network marketing offers, you’ll receive a commission if you refer someone who then buys a product pack in the business. The plan is based on a unilevel structure with various ranks. The 10 ranks are:

· Health Coach — achieved by signing up.

· Senior Coach — achieved through 100 GV per month and minimum of 5 retail customers in downline.

· Manager — achieved through 3000 GV per month and minimum of 5 retail customers.

· Assistant Director — 4000 GV per month and 5 retail customers.

· Director — 5000 GV per month and five retail customers.

· Executive Director — 6000 GB per month and 5 retail customers.

· Regional Director — maintain Executive Director stats and have a minimum of one executive director affiliate in your downline.

· National Director — maintain executive director and have a minimum of 3 executive directors in separate unilevel branches.

· Global Director — keep executive director and have a minimum of 5 executive director affiliates in your unilevel branches

· Presidential Director — maintain executive director and have 10 or more executive directors in your unilivel branches.

The payment plan, paid residually, follows a simple unilevel structure. First, there’s you, then level 1 which is your first personally enrolled member. Level 2 is your Level 1’s personally enrolled member. And you are paid unlimited amounts based on width.

Here’s a basic illustration from the company itself.

Take Shape For Life review

Overall, the compensation plan is fair.

Take Shape for Life Verdict

The company doesn’t seem to be going away soon; they’ve been in business since 2003, so they’re trusted and proven. If you’re considering joining the company, first try their product and see what you think. If you don’t believe in it, you won’t be the best salesperson. You need belief to really sell a product.

What most people that join companies like this struggle with is recruiting others into the opportunity. To be good at that you have to be good at a couple of things 1. Attraction marketing 2. Converting people into sales usually on the phone.

The business that I’m involved in has those 2 things handled as they teach in-depth attraction marketing and have a phone team that converts your leads for you.

If you hate recruiting, there are plenty of other options out there. You can join a direct sales business that does not require recruiting at all, unlike the Take Shape for Life Compensation Plan which basically relies on it.

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While some individuals believe that all network marketing programs require that you recruit a ton of new affiliates, there are a few out there where the product itself makes you money instead of flooding people with recruitment offers.

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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our take Shape for Life Review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!