Traffic Authority Review – Internet Leverage System Has Returned

Traffic Authority Review – Internet Leverage System Has Returned

In This Unbiased Traffic Authority Review we look at the Traffic Authority Product

traffic authority review

An online presence is, and has always been an extremely essential marketing tool for businesses, especially in the 21st century. This technological era is characterized by million and millions of people visiting the internet to access information, for communication purposes and also financial transactions.

Apart from the quality and the amount of content, the main factor that will surely get any business’ website, social media fan page or blog on its feet is the amount and the quality of traffic. The Traffic Authority program tries to help bot you and your customers solve the problem of quality  traffic. It mainly focuses on helping generate maximum traffic for your website.

In this Traffic Authority review we look deeply into the features, pros and cons of this traffic generation program and then I give my final verdict.

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Traffic Authority Founders

Designed and compiled by the great minds of Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers and Chad Stalvey, used to run a company called Internet Leverage System and sell traffic at up to $4,000 a pop.

However this program is a lot more affordable as you can get started for as low as $20.

It is an incredible improvement from the former Infinite Leverage System, with better packages, tools and optimization, as seen from most Traffic Authority reviews online. This program comes with affiliate marketing and training packages that will guide the online marketer step by step on how to build their businesses.

This program focuses on utilizing all aspects of the online market, including social media and websites to generate traffic for online businesses.

The traffic generation methods recommended in each program are very simple, and as always if you use this program I recommend you use it to learn how to generate your own traffic.

The first training program focuses on Facebook. With this billion dollar business model, one gets to understand the power of messages and images posted on Facebook. The trainee is also provided with images and pre-written messages to post and see how much traffic is generated. This will help the internet marketer to be able to come up with Facebook posts that will attract millions of viewers from across the globe. This package is perfect for both new and experienced marketers.


The Traffic Authority Product Line

Traffic Authority sell a variety of traffic packages as follows:

  • Basic – $220
  • Bronze – $440
  • Silver – $660
  • Gold – $1097
  • Platinum – $2197
  • Titanium – $4297

(Above are the traffic authority traffic packages)

The Traffic Authority training also provides the trainee with premium traffic tools which, if used properly, will generate lots of useful traffic. The Traffic Authority program utilizes the world’s most famous sites to come up with practical tools that will optimize and grow the business.

This program’s affiliate commissions cost approximately $100, with the basic package costing $220 for up to 190 clicks and the Diamond package costing $4000. It also comes with the Traffic Optimizer which offers full customizability to your pages. The traffic optimizer offers the marketer tools such as the advance link tracker rotator, split testing software, fully customizable capture pages, pop ups, timers and exit pages.


The Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

The Traffic Authority Compensation plan sees the following commissions paid out:

  • Traffic Optimizer tools = $20 a month
  • Traffic Academy training = $50 a month
  • Basic traffic package = $100
  • Bronze traffic package = $200
  • Silver traffic package = $300
  • Gold traffic package = $500
  • Platinum traffic package = $1000
  • Titanium traffic package = $2000

Traffic Academy Package

The Traffic Academy is also another  package offered by the Traffic Authority.

Just as its name suggests, this program is continually updated with the latest live training courses from other people who have successfully generated real results from the online marketing niche. This is quite motivating especially for people who are still a little jittery about putting their funds in this billion dollar field.

The Traffic Academy package costs $97 per month so is a residual payment.

This package offers training and motivation to anyone who needs to increase their business’ online traffic.

So in essence Traffic Authority helps you become a solo ad vendor and a traffic broker and earn commissions for selling traffic and also recruiting others into your downline

With the affiliate programs, one can earn at least $100 and at most $4000 on the traffic packages.

traffic authority review

The Pros and Cons of Traffic Authority

Pros of traffic authority

1. Easy to get started.
As seen from this Traffic Authority Review, it is evident that this program is easy to start. You can sign up straight away with a free account and for $20 start selling traffic packages. 

2. Multiple packages to choose from.
The Traffic Authority program offers each of its users a customized package depending on their budget. You can access tools and packages as cheap as $27 a month such as the Traffic optimizer tool. You can also part with up to $8000 for other packages.

3. Generates real traffic.
Unlike most other scam programs, the Traffic Authority program makes use of social media marketing, email marketing and other optimization tools to come up with real traffic. Real traffic is very important in Google ranking and general ranking of a website, social media page or blog. The traffic generation is also quite fast with this program’s main website promising to deliver in 24 hours.

4. Quite lucrative.
Aswith any MLM you can make money for your efforts and the efforts of others. Though you spend quite an amount of money on this program and the tools provided, you stand to earn higher profits from each venture. The best part is that, most of the income is passive.

Cons of traffic authority

1. The higher packages are expensive.

As much as the Traffic Authority reviews may promise to get traffic for a business for free, its cheapest package costs $220 which is quite prohibitive especially for smaller businesses. The Diamond, Platinum and Titanium packages are the most expensive, costing approximately $4000 each. Most internet marketers can barely afford this. There are packages that cost as high as $8000.

2. Lack of branding

Does not teah people how to brand themselves to get sales. Throwing random traffic at any offer is not going to be lucrative because does not teach you how to build a team that trusts you and buys on your recommendation

Final Verdict

The Traffic Authority Review above shows basically everything a business marketer needs to understand before applying for this traffic generation program.

As much as this generates great amounts of traffic and passive income, one needs to put some effort in the online activities, affiliate marketing, social media involvement and also content creation to succeed in this.

I believe traffic authority has a lot of good factors. One being that selling traffic online is an easy sell.

However if you don’t brand yourself why should someone buy traffic of you instead of some of the bigger well known vendors.It is important that you learn to drive your own traffic before you hand that job over to anyone else because then you understand quality traffic from rehashed crap.

If you want to have a look at what I’m involved with that does help you build your own traffic brand yourself and does all the upselling for you then there will be a link below this article.

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