Traffic Hurricane Review – Is Traffic Hurricane Scam or Legit?

Traffic Hurricane Review


It is not unusual for websites which advertise tasks for money to only pay out once the member has earned some ridiculous amount of money which would take months to achieve.

Sites such as which advertises paid surveys in exchange for money set an unrealistic earning minimum of $40 before the member can receive a pay-out, and Traffic Hurricane is no different.

Traffic Hurricane was set up during the first quarter of 2016 after being deliberated and coordinated as early as 2014, after the fall of the previous investment company, Traffic Monsoon.

However, although Traffic Hurricane was set up to be separate from the closed down Traffic Monsoon, Traffic Hurricane exists in the shadow of the largely criticized and failed business.

This review will demonstrate reasons why Traffic Hurricane is a questionable investment to make.


Traffic Hurricane Review

Traffic Hurricane is a newly developed advertising business built up from the ashes of the previously disbanded Traffic Monsoon, a multimillion dollar investment company which was to earn members money through ad sharing.

However, this company was shut down on the grounds of being a pyramid scheme and founded to have taken money from one hundred and sixty two thousand people, a figure which is painting Traffic Hurricane in a negative light from the start.

The link between Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Hurricane is fairly evident, a former top investor in Traffic Monsoon known as Ernie Ganz is now the owner of Traffic Hurricane. Ganz has not had the best performance in business, not only was he part of Traffic Monsoon which was shut down but he was also promoting TelexFree, a one point eight billion dollar Ponzi scheme which was also ceased by the SEC in 2014.

Clearly, the future of Traffic Hurricane is not looking so great.

Has Garner Found a Successful Product?

Like Traffic Monsoon, Traffic Hurricane is an adshare company which promotes ad sharing in exchange for money.

We offer advertising that members can purchase and receive traffic very quickly to their website or offer

In exchange for this, viewers are rewarded for their viewership and, after they have viewed the ad for the allotted time designated by the purchaser, are compensated with ‘instant cash’ to their site balance.

This service is misleading.

The term ‘instant cash’ actually means instant credit. Once the credit reaches an allotted total, then the member will receive their pay out. Furthermore, it takes twenty four hours for the company to process withdrawal requests, so only ‘sometimes’ will the process feel instant.

How Traffic Hurricane Works


So you have to watch ads for an allocated amount of time.

For every 50 visitors, one dollar is generated but just fifty percent of that goes to the clicker, who is required to stay on the page for 30 seconds, whilst the rest goes to the sponsor.

Depending on the amount of traffic going through the site or offer the pace at which one earns is extremely poor.

For instance, a website which generates 1000 viewers a month can be deemed as a fairly popular site. However, Traffic Hurricane projects one dollar for every 50 viewers and if a page receives 1000 views per month the daily traffic can be summed up as being just 34 viewers per day, a figure which doesn’t even earn $1 per day.

Therefore, to benefit from Traffic Hurricanes Products the page must be an extremely successful and popular.

traffic-hurricane review

But It’s Not All Bad

There is a slight glimmer of hope within a membership to Traffic Hurricane. When you sponsor someone into the buisness, you gain ten percent of the referral for any future investment. So it is in your interest to sponsor new recruits as that’s where you make the real money

How Much To Join Traffic Hurricane?

It is completely free to join Traffic Hurricane.

Although the site is completely free to join and you can benefit somewhat from the products on offer, it is not until you emerge yourself within the whole business that you can benefit.

As mentioned, if you invest in an Adpack, you will receive ten percent of the commission, so if you invest one hundred dollars you will receive ten dollars back. This clearly mirrors Traffic Monsoon and is also evidenced within Garners past which does not look good for the future of Traffic Hurricane.

Is Traffic Hurricane Scam?


Well not sure you can out and out call Traffic Hurricane A Scam but it would definetely fall on the more shady side of the road.

There is not much option for improvement unless they can rid themselves of all the ties from the Traffic Monsoon organisation.

This is a must. Ernie Garner, a name I keep regurgitating time and time again, does not have the greatest track record, nor does he possess an extortionate amount of positivity within the business industry.

To make the name of a new business almost identical to the previously shut down business is setting yourself up for corporate suicide.

With all the law suits which Traffic Monsoon is facing it is important to make the new business as distinct as possible which is not what Traffic Hurricane portrays. Offering the same product whilst being owned by a member of the previous white collar organisation will not dispense trust amongst the membership.




It is clear from this review that Traffic Hurricane is not a company that one could trust with their bank account, nor can it be respected as a genuine business which respects its members.

But, can it become a trusted enterprise? The answer is yes! As mentioned, if Traffic Hurricane can change its domain name then it can then pave the way towards an entirely new enterprise built on respect and business ethics.

And, although one can see a distinct deceitfulness in any investment company run by Ernie Garner, everyone should be given a second chance.

Garner has paid the price for his role in the pyramid scheme and now he should remove all ties from it and begin to reconcile with his membership.

If it was me I would find other methods to generate traffic and stay well away from Traffic Hurricane.

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