How To Turn A Lead Into A Sale

The Customer Journey – From Stranger To Paying You Loads Of Money


In this article we will look at the reason most people don’t convert their leads into sales

No matter how a person meets you they go through 4 stages before they buy from you…

But here’s the beautiful thing

Usually if they buy once they will buy over and over again

It is known as the customer journey (Or the funnel) and it never changes

Once you know these 4 steps you are now in a position that most people online never get to

You now know where your prospect is, and how to move them along to the place where they are eager to buy off you.

So what are these 4 steps

All will be revealed in this video below:

My Affiliate Marketing Journey

So are the major steps of any funnel

  • Stranger – They don’t know you and don’t care what your selling
  • Advisor – They believe you have some value and start to ask you questions
  • Trusted Advisor – Your advice helps them and now they listen to you regularly
  • Leader or Mentor – They will buy off you over and over again

I hope this helped.

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My Affiliate Marketing Journey