USFIA Review

Lets Talk About USFIA


So I have seen this new company banded about the internet called USFIA and have decided to do a USFIA review to help people like yourself make an informed decision as to weather this is for you or not.

Let me say firstly that I am not a member of USFIA so can give you an honest unbiased opinion then you can make up your own mind as to weather you want to join or not.

USFIA Review

For those of you that prefer to watch rather than read:

According to the website which I must say isn’t very helpful and I found quite confusing USFIA stands for “United States Fine Investment Arts”. There is absolutely no information on the owners of the site or an address or contact number or infact any way to contact them. Although you can leave a blog post comment 🙂

On further investigation I found the owner who is Steve Chen (but is linked to various companies.

What USFIA does in a nut shell is it allows you to invest in Amber which they claim is more valuable than Gold and they own the mines as well as the distribution channels for Amber.

You get paid in a online curreny called GEMCOINS a bit like Bitcoins but with some further benefits.

USFIA Products

So really you don’t own any products at all its just like an investment agreement.

What you really do is market the affiliate marketing of the investments to other affiliates. No product for me starts to set alarm bells ringing instatly.

The way you would make money using USFIA is really a network marketing where you make commissions on those that you introduce to the investment opportunity.

The USFIA Compensation Plan

The USFIA compensation plan sees affiliates invest between $1000 and $30,000 in GemCoin points. USFIA affiliates are then paid to recruit other affiliates who do the same.

So recuits are paid at a rate of 10% so if you got someone to invest $1,000 in gemcoins you get paid $100.

USFIA Review


So if you want to join you have to pay or buy $1,000 to $30,000 in Gemcoins and then start to recruit others to make any real money

USFIA Conclusion

For me it’s a massive no no. If you dig deeper into the owner you find that he has been involved in a lot of ponzi schemes. The whole compensation model only works if new recuits are coming in at the bottom taking the pryamid structure without any real value for those that have just joined apart from the promise to make money.

I found it quite confusing to understand what they were actually touting maybe that is because I am not an investor but if your in the same boat as me I believe you’ll have the same problems.

The site has only just started to show search results in US and UK recently because before it was primarily a Chinese company and only touted over there.

For me I would stay well clear not really many benefits of joining for me.

USFIA Review

I hope you enjoyed this USFIA review and got some value from it.

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