World Ventures Review – Is World Ventures Travel Club Scam?

World Ventures Review

In this article we look at the World Ventures Dream Trips company and do a World Ventures Review

Perhaps you have heard of this great idea that you can make money while traveling around the world but you are not sure what it is all about. Lately, there has been a lot of conversations regarding the legitimacy of World Ventures.

In this World Ventures review, we will focus more on the business opportunity presented by World Ventures as opposed to whether the company is a scam, with the purpose of revealing to you the “catch” behind how you can make money while traveling. Many people have been trying to find out whether this company is a pyramid scheme but you can rest assured that World Ventures is not out to defraud people’s money.

World Ventures Review

Founded in 2005, World Ventures is a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM) that sells travel and lifestyle membership and is a good option for those people who have a wide experience in Multi-Level Marketing and have the capital to invest.

Its marketing model works the same as that of its main competitors Intele Travel and Evolution Travel.

Some network marketing companies such as Herbalife, Avon and Amway have been running a similar business model for many years. However, despite the company not being a pyramid scheme, it has previously been embroiled in some pyramid scheme lawsuits in a few countries. In fact, several countries have already banned World Ventures for its close ties to a pyramid scheme.

The Business Model

World Ventures works more like a travel club where they book hotel rooms and trips in bulk and then negotiate a much cheaper price for their members. Once you book a trip with them, you are guaranteed to have a better experience during your tour since the services are more personalized unlike most tour packages offered by different travel agencies.

You will typically be traveling in a group with other World Ventures members instead of traveling with strangers. However, the packages do not include flight tickets and members are also required to pay a certain membership fee in order to enjoy discounts on offer.


A DreamTrip is simply a tour package offered by World Ventures intended to help members plan, book and organize their trips. DreamTrips membership is basically categorized into three main products namely:

– Regular Membership

– Gold Membership

– Platinum Membership

The Regular Membership is the basic membership level that costs $199.95 (one-time fee) plus a $26.99 monthly recurring fee. This membership allows members to collect reward points and redeem discounts and make money for sharing the company information as an independent representative.

But the reward points cannot be exchanged as cash and there is also a limit to the number of points one can use in a particular tour package.

The Gold Membership costs $199.95 (one-time fee) plus a $49.99 monthly recurring fee. Additional benefits include Airport packing discounts, flight accident insurance, Airport transfers and many more.

The Platinum membership costs $299.95 plus a $99.99 monthly recurring fee. Members get to enjoy better services such as upgraded trips with SPA discounts and Hotel room upgrades as well as advance booking access and emergency evacuation service.

If you are a World Ventures independent representative and you refer other people to join any one of DreamTrips membership plans, you will also earn reward points. The line between World Ventures being a pyramid scheme or a legit business is very blur but it definitely offers a good business opportunity to make money while traveling.

Is World Ventures A Scam?

Well the company has had some legal trouble but no I would not call it a scam . It has been going for a long time and  has many members

World Ventures Conclusion

So if you enjoy travel and want to make some savings when you go away and make a little extra money for recruiting other representatives then this may be for you.

I personally would not advise it or join it as I am sure you could source the holidays if you wanted to with a little research and the money you make is not great and the compensation plan is confusing.

If you want to see what I personally endorse as it ticks all the boxes of someone trying to earn money online then click the link below