You’re Leaving Thousands On The Table If Your Doing This

This Mistake Could Be Costing You Thousands

If you are promoting any affiliate marketing product where you go out and get the leads and they do all the selling and then if they get a sale they pay you a small commission (and that’s where the transaction ends)….


You are actually killing yourself to make them money and they are paying you peanuts

And they will go on to earn thousands from the people you are handing over to them

Let me explain more by showing you an example of what I used to do in this video untill I learnt better 🙂

Affiliate Marketing Systems

Stop Leaving Money On The Table From Today

Do you see what I mean if you don’t get access to your list and you don’t get paid on everything any lead that you get buys (for life)

Then your losing out….

And remember some people go on to buy $3,000 Coaching or $10,000 Live Events

The list goes on

You should be cashing in on all that future money too. So you do the hard work to get the lead once and then commissions keep rolling in as long as the leads are buying.

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