Zyndio (Zyntravel) Review – Is This Worth A Look?

Zyndio (Zyntravel) Review – Is This Worth A Look?

Firstly I want to say that I am not affiliated to Zyndio or Zyntravel so this is a completely unbiased Zyndio (Zyntravel) Review.

One of the leading MLM opportunities within the travel industry in Zyndio. The company owns ZynTravel.

This is a portal that provides discounts of up to 85% for travelers staying in the over 65000 resorts and 200,000 hotels that partner with the network.

However more than just for travel the company is being pitched as an MLM opportunity where you can make money not only for the travel packages but for recruiting other affiliates too

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Zyndio Product Line

Upon registration, new affiliates are provided with a Zyn Travel credit card. The amount of credit offered depends on the amount spent upon registration.

There are three levels:

  • The Silver level costs $69.98 and the affiliate gets credit worth $70
  • The Gold level costs $219.98 and the affiliate gets credit worth $300
  • The Platinum level costs $469.98 and the affiliate gets credit worth $700

Zyndio Compensation plan

Affiliates get paid in two levels.

  • First, the affiliate will receive a commission each time they book their travel through the Zyn Travel Portal.
  • Second, affiliates are also paid to recruit their downline.

Commissions are earned for booking travel through the Zyn Travel portal.

As an affiliate, Zyndio will pay you a commission for booking travel through their travel portal. The amount earned as commission is a percentage of the amount you spend during the booking process.

It’s actually a percentage of the amount the company earns as a commission from third party businesses such as resorts. Simply put, every time ZynTravel earns a commission you also earn. The commissions you’ll earn from booking travel through the Zyn Travel portal depends on your subscription membership.

They are as follows:

– Silver = 25%
– Gold = 50%
– Platinum = 100%

Zyndio Travel example:

If an affiliate books travel and spends $1000 and ZynTravel earns 10% commission on this, a Silver tier affiliate will earn 25% of the 10% which is $25.

A Gold tier affiliate will earn $50 and a Platinum tier affiliate will earn the whole 10% of $1000 which is $100.

zyntravel review

Commissions earned for recruiting new affiliates

Zyndio affiliates earn commissions for recruiting new affiliates two levels deep.

  • Level 1 comprises affiliates you personally recruit while level 2 comprises affiliates recruited by your level 1 members. As with the travel commissions, how much you earn for recruiting new affiliates largely depends in your membership. The earning potential is broken down as follows:

Silver affiliate recruitment: Level 1 = $10, level 2 = $2.50
Gold affiliate recruitment: Level 1 = $40, level 2 = $10
Platinum affiliate recruitment: Level 1 = $90, level 2 = $22.50

Zyndio Residual commissions

Zyndio affiliates can earn residual commissions on the money earned by their downline.

To become eligible, you must personally recruit three new members as part of your downline. They are based on a 3 x 2 matrix where there’s one affiliate at the top and others forming the downline.


Zyndio (zyntravel) review

The matrix comprises three levels. The top most level contains the affiliate who directly recruits three members. These form the first level. The second level is complete when every member in the first level recruits three members each.

Therefore, a complete Zyndio MLM 3 x 2 matrix contains the affiliate and 12 members of the downline.

Residual commissions are paid as positions within the matrix are filled.

Each affiliate membership tier constitutes an independent matrix cycler as follows:

– Platinum tier affiliates can recruit and earn commissions on new affiliates in the Platinum, Gold and Silver tiers.
– Gold tier affiliates can recruit and earn commissions on new members in the Gold and Silver tiers.
– Silver affiliates can only recruit and earn commissions on new affiliates in the Silver tier.

The residual recruitment commissions are earned once a matrix is completely filled.

A complete Silver tier matrix pays out $150, Gold pays $600, and Platinum pays $1350.

Once a matrix is completely filled up, affiliates are allowed to recruit new members and create a new matrix cycle increasing the opportunity to earn even more commissions. The new matrix is still based on the tier the affiliate belongs to.

Zyndio Cycle matching bonus

Active affiliates are also rewarded for recruiting downlines and creating several complete matrix cycles. the cycle matching bonus is paid as a percentage of the total commissions earned by recruited affiliates. It’s also paid out on two levels.

Currently, Zyndio only discloses the percentage commissions earned after the affiliate has completed 50 or more matrix cycles.

However, affiliates who have completed fewer matrix cycles can also earn a commission. For 50 or more complete matrix cycles, the affiliate will receive a 25% match on the earnings of their personally recruited affiliates (level 1) and 10% of the earnings of members in level 2 of the matrix.

The Global Bonus Pool

If a Zyndio affiliate remains inactive for over one year by generating cycle commissions but not recruiting at least three affiliates, the commissions are placed into the Global Bonus Pool. This pool is used to pay commissions to qualified and active affiliates.

Travel bonus

This is paid in the form of Zyn Travel credits. It’s calculated as 5% of the bonus paid to personally recruited affiliates. Only members who have personally recruited at least three new affiliates are eligible to receive this bonus. If a Platinum tier affiliate recruits three new Platinum tier affiliates within 15 days of joining, they can quality for a 10% travel bonus.

Zyndio Lifestyle bonus

Zyndio rewards active affiliates with a number of lifestyle bonuses. The reward you’ll receive depends on number of complete matrix cycles you achieve. There are numerous lifestyle bonuses which include a mini iPad for completing 5 cycles, MacBook Air for completing 25 cycles and a BMW or Mercedes with $10,000 for completing 1000 matrix cycles. Affiliates with more than 1000 complete matrix cycles can get lifestyle bonuses such as a luxury vacation or even $1,000,000 cash.

Lifestyle bonuses are only available to Platinum tier affiliates who have recruited at least 3 Platinum members with 15 days of joining.

How to join Zyndio 

To join the Zyn Travel MLM offer, you’ll need to choose one of three member ship plans.
– Silver membership has a registration fee of $68.98 and monthly subscription of $12.99
– Gold membership has a registration fee of $219.98 and a monthly subscription of $12.99
– Platinum membership has a registration fee of $469.98 and a monthly subscription of $12.99


All factors considered this MLM opportunity focuses more on recruitment rather than travel as you’re led to believe.

Zyndio do not actually have contracts with the various resorts and uses third party agents.

In addition, information about who the said third parties are is scanty which raises a red flag.

If you compare the discounts offered in terms of travel commissions with current travel rates, you’ll notice they’re quite minimal.

The focus on recruiting new members to earn commissions draws focus away from the real reason why most people would want to become a Zyn Travel affiliate which is to get cheaper rates for travel booking. To earn a commission, you’ll need to become a member, recruit others and pay a monthly subscription.

New members in your matrix cycle need to do the same to make money. 

This MLM offer focuses more on getting you to join “lucrative” tiers and get others to join in order to make money.

For example, despite there being three tiers, lifestyle bonuses are only available to Platinum tier affiliates. 

To be fair I believe if you are using this as an MLM opportunity and way to make money you would need to be very good at recruiting people which is where most people fall short.

This is really an MLM company with minimal travel benefits so as with all MLM’s your asked to do the tradition trudging of the streets trying to persuade random strangers of how great the company is. This is the point at which most people fail.

You need to learn attraction marketing and how to become the persued and then you can make any opportunity work.

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Zyndio (Zyntravel) review

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