Affiliate Marketing Statistics – The Numbers You Need To Know

Affiliate Marketing Statistics



Don’t run away.

I know the minute you hear the word “numbers” horrible memories of maths lessons where you were forced to do boring long division and algebra, that you hated more than the disgusting school dinners, comes to mind

But these numbers are good

These numbers can make you RICH!!

So it’s worth taking a second to learn this

If you want to watch rather than read I have filmed a video below that explains all

Affiliate Marketing StatisticsYou see from the video that you have to consider 3 things in your funnel and know the numbers for each.

These are

  • The Opt In Page – Try to get to 50% opt in rate
  • The Sales Page – Try to get to 100 people viewing the sales letter as that should get you a sale
  • The Value Series – Build a warm relationship with your list and give value. Then sales will increase.

I hope you get this and it helped.

If your thinking this makes no sense then hit me up I’ll be that maths teacher that hopefully does a better job that the person in high school 🙂

Speak soon


Affiliate Marketing Statistics

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