Bitcoin Grower Review – Is Bitcoin Grower Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Bitcoin Grower Review


Bitcoin Grower is one of the most recent network marketing business opportunities that have been getting a lot of attention on the web. Because of the hype that this opportunity has been getting, many internet marketers are trying to promote and sell it all over the place, especially on social media networks.

Like always, before you decide to invest your hard earned money into a new business opportunity, it is in your best interest that you do some thorough research online about the company.

For instance, what exactly is Bitcoin Grower? What kind of products or services do they offer? How does their compensation plan looks like? What does it take to join the opportunity? Is this a legit business opportunity or just a scam? Well, read on to learn more about Bitcoin Grower

Bitcoin Grower

Bitcoin Grower Review – What Exactly Is Bitcoin Grower?

According to their official website, there isn’t any credible or background information about the people who are behind this company. When doing research about an opportunity, information on the people who run or own the company is very important. The fact that Bitcoin Grower’s official website doesn’t provide this information raises many questions about their integrity and is a bog red flag.

The company’s website domain was registered on the 13th of January, 2017. Again, the owner of this domain or where the registration took place is unknown because the domain was privately registered. So, we don’t know where this opportunity is based out of, where their company’s website domain registration took place or the brains behind the company. What’s more, there isn’t even a P.O Box address provided.

A little more digging reveals that Bitcoin Grower has an official Facebook Page that has four members only. Out of the four, only three show up and none of them is listed as the admin of their Facebook page. There is a good chance that the forth member of this group is the person that owns the company.

It’s not clear if this is a Facebook glitch, but chances are the account that was used to create the Bitcoin Grower Facebook page has been deleted intentionally.

Like always, if you find a network marketing business opportunity is not being honest about the people that are behind it, think really hard before you decide to invest with them.

Bitcoin Grower Review – The Product Line

Nowadays, many MLM business opportunities are launched without any form of product line at all. Bitcoin Grower is the latest network marketing opportunity that is trying to make things work without any type of product or service.

The absence of product line means that affiliates are only tasked with selling the affiliate membership. It also means that there are no products or services to promote and sell to retail customers. The only source of income here are the funds generated from the sale of affiliate membership. So, if the company fails to recruit new members for a certain period of time, they will have no option but to close their business doors due to lack of funds.

Bitcoin Grower Review

Bitcoin Grower Review – The Compensation Plan

Moving on to Bitcoin Grower compensation plan side of things, the company pays out recruitment commission through a unilevel compensation structure.

The system places one affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, and all the affiliates that he or she recruits into the business personally are placed directly beneath him or her (level 1).

All the affiliates that are sponsored into the business by level 1 affiliate are placed directly under them (level 2). Again, if any member from level 2 affiliate recruits new people into the business, they are placed directly beneath them on level 3. The system goes on down to a theoretical infinite number of levels.

The company only pays out recruitment commission up to the eighth level of the unilevel compensation structure. When you sign up as a new affiliate for Bitcoin Grower, you will have to pay an upfront fee of 0.037607 BTC. This amount will be distributed upline over eight levels as follows:

First level upline – This actually represents personally recruited affiliates and guarantees you a commission of $2.

Second level upline – Earns you a commission of $3

Third to fifth level upline – Earns you a commission of $4

Sixth level upline – Earns you a commission of $5

Seventh level upline – Earns you a commission of $6

Eight level upline – Earns you a commission of $7

In turn, when affiliates sponsor new faces into the business, they also receive upline commissions from the people that they have sponsored. Again, this commission is only paid out up to the eight level of the unilevel compensation structure.

Bitcoin Grower Review – What It Takes To Join Bitcoin Grower

If this opportunity sounds like the type of business that you would like to invest with, you will have to pay an upfront fee of 0.037607 to join the opportunity.

Bitcoin Grower Review – Is Bitcoin Grower A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

As always, there will be people who claim that this opportunity is nothing but a scam or pyramid scheme and others who claim that it is legit. After going through the above review, it might also be difficult for you to tell if it’s legit or a scam. So, what is the truth? Is Bitcoin Grower legit or a scam? Well, to be honest, Bitcoin Grower isn’t a complete scam, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Check the conclusion part.

Bitcoin Grower Scam


This opportunity appears to be a good investment for the people that run it. As a new affiliate, you are required to pay an upfront fee of 0.037607 BTC (an equivalent of $49). Out of the $49, $35 is set aside to pay the affiliates via the company’s compensation plan.

According to their official website, their prices don’t change but when the Bitcoin goes up so does the cost. This means that even if the USD value of Bitcoin goes up, the amount of money that they pay out as commissions on each unilevel level will not change.

The difference is what the admin take as their payment. So, if the value of the bitcoin happens to go up, the amount of money that the admin will earn is quite substantial. On the other hand, if the value of bitcoin drops, the difference is very insignificant. The bottom line is Bitcoin Grower is nothing but an eight level deep pyramid scheme. So, think really hard before you decide to invest your money with this company.

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Bitcoin Grower Review



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