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Trade Forex For A Living

Too Old To Trade Forex For A Living? So you decided you want to trade Forex for a living but you believe in your heart that this is a young man’s game. Understandable I mean you think you’ve gotta learn all these new terms that sound a little like double Dutch to you…..Things like Pips […]

Trading Scams

Trading Scams You Should Avoid Like The Plague These trading scams that I am going to go through in the video are absolute….No, No’s Learning to trade Forex is like a minefield and I know that you are probably really nervous about getting scammed So many people get scammed in the Forex world and that […]

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Trading

FOMO Trading This is a massive problem with traders and especially with traders that have never taken time to work on their mindset. That is 97% of traders 🙁 So you see a trade and you believe it’s going to go up or down. You’re sitting on the chart watching every pip and you’ve convinced […]

Forex Trading With Signals

Can You Make A Full Time Living Forex Trading With Signals? Most people want to make money with Forex but unfortunately most don’t want to do the work to learn what it takes to do that So what’s the solution…… Why not let someone else do all the hard work and just tell you where […]

Why Forex Traders Lose Money

Discover Why Forex Traders Lose Money And How You Can Stop The Losses Yourself Did you know that about 97% of people fail and lose money when trying to trade Forex? Maybe you may be one of those people yourself and you are constantly banging your head against the wall thinking…………. “Why oh why can’t […]

So you’re broke and you want to trade Forex for free….But is that even possible?? Most people hear about all the tons and tons of money they can make from trading and supposedly how easy it is to actually get good at it Your told all you need to do is go to Youtube follow […]

3 Retail Trading Strategies If you are a retail trader then I’d be willing to bet that you have tried to trade using these 3 strategies: Support and Resistance Trendline Bounce Head and Shoulders If you’ve traded for more than a day I’d bet that you have tried to trade these strategies and more than […]

Its 2022 and you want to know how to become a profitable trader this year. Well we are going to discuss 3 Musts To Become A Profitable Trader In 2022. Trading profitably doesn’t have to be as hard as you think if you just follow some simple rules and especially stick to these 3 must […]