Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Trading

FOMO Trading

This is a massive problem with traders and especially with traders that have never taken time to work on their mindset. That is 97% of traders 🙁

So you see a trade and you believe it’s going to go up or down. You’re sitting on the chart watching every pip and you’ve convinced yourself it’s going to go in the direction you have stated

As soon as it moves you forget all your rules and jump in because you don’t want it to take off without you (like it did last time).

Only for it to reverse and take you out…..And then even worst turn around and go in the direction you thought originally…..WHY!!!!!!!

Sound familiar

Or the price has already moved hugely in the direction you want it to go, everyone and their uncle are talking about how its going to keep going to the moon and you just can’t take it anymore….so you jump in only for it to turn around and take you out for a massive loss…..

Bitcoin kinda springs to mind 🙂

Well all of these scenarios come under the heading of FOMO Trading and I want to talk more about it in this video below and how you can avoid suffering from the fear of missing out in trading

Fear Of Missing Out Trading

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Fear Of Missing Out Trading



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