Are Crypto Currencies Manipulated?

Are Crypto Currencies Manipulated?

If you have been following Bitcoin for any length of time you may have bought into the hype that it’s going to keep rising to the moon and that you MUST buy now and then sit back and get rich

Then supposidly we had 2 bits of news that made it tank

  1. Tesla decided they will no longer be taking Bitcoin as payment for their cars
  2. The Chinese decided that they do not accept Bitcoin as any sort of currency and then


Down went the price

But what if I was to tell you that we predicted the drop way before any news release because it showed on the charts.

The Bankers Strategy that we trade showed the pattern days before Elon musk made any announcement and so we all made money on that lovely drop

Don’t believe me?

Check this video out where the leader of the group explains not only the 2 simple patterns we look for but also shows how we identified what was going to happen way before the news

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