Crypto Mafia Review – Is Crypto Mafia Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Crypto Mafia Review


Crypto Mafia has been getting a lot of attention lately on social media. Chances are you have been approached by one of their affiliates or distributor trying to convince you to join the business and you are here trying to find out if Crypto Mafia is the right business for you.

The main purpose of this post is to take a look at Crypto Mafia, find out who is behind it and see it the business is legit or just a scam. Read on to find out more.

Crypto Mafia Scam

Crypto Mafia Review – Important Information about the Company

There is no any information on the company’s official website about who runs or owns the business, or even where the company is located. Any legitimate company should make such important information accessible to the general public. Hiding such information makes people start to wonder what else the company is hiding.

The business’s website domain ( appears to have been registered on December 30th, 2016, but it was set to private. This means that you cannot tell who owns the domain or where it was registered.

According to their official Facebook page, four individuals are listed as admins and they are: Kayla Maria Odenborg, George Prince, Eryn Hubbard and Jessie Hachey. Going by various personal Facebook posts of these four individuals, it appears that Crypto Mafia might be related to another company called “Millionaire Mafia”.

Ben Oberg claims to the owner of Millionaire Mafia. The main objective of this company seems to be spamming Instagram with images that contain marketing in their descriptions.

Ben Oberg appears to be based out of Washington, USA. In addition to his involvement with Crypto Mafia and Millionaire Mafia, he is also a Digital Altitude affiliate. What’s more, his own personal website suggests that Crypto Mafia is the “uneducated way of obtaining bitcoin”.

Crypto Mafia Review – The Product Line

Like many other network marketing business opportunities, Crypto Mafia has no products or services to offer. Nowadays, many people find it easier to launch an MLM company without any form of products line in place. The lack of any retailable products or services means that the business only relies on the affiliate membership cost to pay its affiliates and run the business.

Crypto Mafia Review – The Compensation Plan

Crypto Mafia affiliates earn their commission by gifting bitcoin to each other through the use of a 3×7 matrix. This compensation structure places one affiliate at the top of a matrix, and three spots are created directly beneath him or her.

These 3 posts form the first level (level one) of the matrix. The second level (level two) of the matrix is formed by splitting each of the first 3 posts into three posts each (nine posts).

Levels three up to level seven of the matrix are formed using the same procedure. Each level of this system works independently as a cash gifting tier. In order to become a Crypto Mafia affiliate, you will start by signing up and gifting the affiliate who sponsored you with 0.002 bitcoin.

This payment qualifies you to receive the same amount (0.002 bitcoin) from the three affiliates sponsored into level one of your matrix. The remaining six matrix levels operated in the same way, and the amount gifted to the respective affiliates are as follows:

Level 1: You gift 0.002 bitcoin to the person who sponsored you and you receive the same amount (0.002 bitcoin) from the three affiliates sponsored into level one of your matrix

Level 2: You gift 0.005 bitcoin to your 2nd upline and you receive the same amount (0.005 BTC) from 9 affiliates

Level 3: You gift 0.02 bitcoin to your 3rd upline and you receive the same amount (0.02 BTC) from 27 affiliates

Level 4: You gift 0.08 bitcoin to your 4th upline and you receive the same amount (0.08 BTC) from 81 affiliates

Level 5: You gift 0.2 bitcoin to your 5th upline and you receive the same amount (0.2BTC) from 243 affiliates

Level 6: You gift 0.5 bitcoin to your 6th upline and you receive the same amount (0.5 BTC) from 729 affiliates

Level 7: You gift 1 bitcoin to your 2nd upline and you receive the same amount (1 BTC) from 2187 affiliates

Crypto Mafia’s second upline here means the affiliate who sponsored their direct upline ( the affiliate who sponsored them)

The third upline stands for the affiliate who sponsored their 2nd upline and so on and so forth.

It is also wise to note that all Crypto Mafia gifting payments both paid and received are monthly recurring.

Crypto Mafia

What It Takes To Join Crypto Mafia

If you are interested in becoming Crypto Mafia affiliate, you will be required to gift the person that sponsored you to the business with 0.002 bitcoin once every month. However, if you wish to be eligible for the company’s compensation plan, you will have to increase your monthly subscription to 1.807 BTC.

Is Crypto Mafia Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Just like any other new business opportunity out there, there will always be people saying that Crypto Mafia is a scam and others saying it is legitimate. The truth is, it is not easy to say if this company is a complete scam or not.

The fact that the company doesn’t disclose any information about the person(s) that owns or rune the business, where the business is situated and the absence of any products or services to promote or sell doesn’t make this company a complete scam. However, it is a clear indication that you need to think hard before you decide to join Crypto Mafia.

Crypto Mafia Review


Crypto Mafia brands itself as “your #1 member to member donation platform”. The words “donation” or “member to member” means that the company operates as a cash gifting scheme. Remember, the company doesn’t have any products to sale, so it only relies on gifting payments to pay its affiliates and run the business. Which falls very close to the definition of  pyramid scheme.

Ben Oberg and his colleagues are the believed to be the top officials of Crypto Mafia. This means that they are the ones at the top of the company’s wide matrix, owing one or more preloaded posts each. Crypto Mafia compensation plan favors the people at the top and Ben Oberg and his friends are the top officials. This means that they are the people who receive the majority of funds deposited into the Crypto Mafia. So, if you are planning to join this company, make sure that you work your way to the top.

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Crypto Mafia Review



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