Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews – Is Dove Chocolate Discoveries Pyramid Scheme?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews


If you have been approached or invited by a friend or a loved one to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party and you are wondering what it’s all about, here is a detailed review that will help you to learn more about this multi-level marketing company that offers chocolate products.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM ) has allowed for several amazing business opportunities to be created, and we have seen MLM businesses created out of everything from crypto currencies to supplements for losing weight. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is currently one of the new business opportunities in this industry.

The company is a direct sales division of Mars, Inc., so you can be certain that it is a legitimate MLM business. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a reputable company that is based on premium chocolate products.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews

About The Company

Today, MLM is one of the most recommended businesses to invest in. Many successful businesses have been created and the market has proven to be very competitive. This wide variety of business opportunities has certainly proven to be one of the greatest achievements of MLM, and it is what is attracting many entrepreneurs into this market.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a chocolate based multi-level marketing company that was formed in 2007. The company offers exceptional products that are not available in shops. This business is actually a sister company of Dove Chocolates and that is why the name sounds familiar.

If you are wondering whether this business is a scam, you will be pleased to know that the company is a direct sales division of Marc, Inc. This means that Dove Chocolate Discoveries is one of the most reputable business opportunities in the MLM universe.

Finding a reputable business that you can trust in the MLM world is not an easy thing, therefore it is nice to note that you don’t need to worry about Dove Chocolate Discoveries because it is legitimate.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Pyramid Scheme?


Definitely not

Dove Chocolate Discoveries has been in operation for nine years now, and has been doing great in creating products that cannot be found in any other shop. The business offer people a great opportunity to earn some serious cash.

The company’s headquarters is based in New Jersey, US, and it operates in almost all the 52 states of the United States of America. The brains behind this business have many years of experience in MLM universe, and based on how the company has worked hard to build a reputation, it’s evident that they are destined for greatness.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Products


The company’s product is one of the best on the market. This is because they have a habit of integrating chocolate in a variety of dishes and they always do their best to even provide its customers with chocolate based tea which is a great innovation in its own right.

While products like chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate bark, and other varieties of chocolate candies are easily available, that is only a small portion of the products that Dove Chocolate Discoveries offer.

Apart from the standalone chocolates, the company also sells a range of other products that incorporate chocolate in their ingredients. The major categories of products available here are Baking & Deserts, Chocolates, Beverages & Mixology, Snacks, Sauces & Spices, and Specials.

Here is a list of some of the most outstanding products that this company has to offer:

· White Chocolate Martini Mix at $20

· White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard at $14

· Truffle FUDGE Brownie Mix at $15

· Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce at $12

· Buttercream Frosting Mix at $14

· Caribbean Cocoa Seasoning Blend at $12

· Choco-Granola Fruit Crunch at $12

· Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Smoothie Mix at $18

The cost of these products might appear to be somewhat expensive but they are worth it.

The products sold here are of the highest quality and you cannot find anything close to them anywhere. The company was established to be a luxurious business, so do not be surprised to see higher price tags for the goods sold here.

The most interesting thing about Dove Chocolate Discoveries is that every product they produce is unique in its own right.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Compensation Plan

Of course, the most important questions that many people would like to know is how the company pays its affiliates. The company pays its affiliates commission when they sell the products to retail customers. All affiliates are entitled to earn commissions of up to 40 percent for all of their personal sales per month regardless of their position that they occupy in the company.

So, if you want to progress through the ranks you need to increase your monthly sales. The main secret here is to sell as many products as you can every month. In addition to the monthly commissions, Dove Chocolate Discoveries also rewards affiliates who recruit new members to the business.

Manager Bonus

The Manager Bonus is one of the bonuses that is available to affiliates. If you are able to get promoted to the manager position, you will receive a one-time bonus payment of $500.

What’s more, all the people that you recruited will also be eligible for a bonus. So, the manager position comes with a great reward not only for you, but also for you entire team.

Generation Overrides

In addition to the Manager Bonus, the company also offers a Generation Override. This type of bonus is paid out as many as four levels deep in a down line and is valued at a much higher percentage (more than the 3% offered as a result of the Manager Bonus).

How Much Does It Cost To Join Dove Chocolate Discoveries?


If you feel like this is the right business opportunity for you, you will be required to purchase one of the two starter kits to become an affiliate. The Standard Kit goes for $159, and the Master Chocolate Kit goes for $449.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Compensation Plan


People always have a tendency of saying things they are not sure about whenever a new business opportunity arises.

So, is Dove Chocolate Discoveries a pyramid scheme or a scam? Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a legit business but there are a few things that you need to know before you decide to join the team.

There is no doubt that the company offers one of the best chocolate products in the industry. In addition, the compensation plan is also quite fair and the business has done a great job to build a remarkable reputation for itself.

Mars, Inc. is a renowned company that has been in existence for more than 100 years now. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a direct sale division of Mars Inc., so you can be certain that the company is legit and trustworthy.

The most important thing that you need to remember at all times is that the amount of money that you will earn as an affiliate is directly proportion to your monthly sales. This means that you must be really good at both marketing and selling to earn some serious cash here. If you feel that you have these qualities then there is no valid reason as to why you should not join Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

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