Email Marketing Best Practices – Build A Responsive Email List

In this article I will discuss the 2 best email marketing best practices if you want to grow a list of people who like you and trust you.

Email marketing is still one of the main forms of comunication online that’s why if you are doing any type of online marketing you are always told the money is in the list so you need to know how to build a responsive list that will eventually be interested in your offers and services.

I discuss the 2 best email practices in the video below.

So most important things when building an email list are:

1) Make sure your offer in exchange for their email address is something of value. It should be something that the person would be happy to pay for. That way you are almost certain that they will give you their best email because they want to receive the gift

2) Give Value when following up with your list. DONT just pitch your sales material in every email. It becomes quickly boring and irritating and people will unsubscribe because you offer no value. It is better to give value emails mixed in with some sales emails 3:1 ratio is a good balance.

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