Empower Network Review – Can You Really Make Money From Empower Network

Empower Network Review – Can You Really Make Money From Empower Network

What Is Empower Network All About?

If you don’t already know Empower Network is one of the power houses of the network marketing world

It was founded by 2 guys named Dave and Dave in 2011 and has just gone from strength to strength.

empower network review

The power of the system comes from not only giving online internet marketing information but also from the compensation plan that it offers which I will explain later.

Promoting Empower Network

So I want to tell you the story of my experience with Empower Network


Before you start to attack me….I am not saying my experience will be the same for you or am in anyway putting the company down

But that being said. I didn’t have the greatest experience………So back to what I was saying

When I first joined I was so stockedand raring to go……

I was going to make thousands from blogging with the initial product and then upgrade and make thousand more


That was the plan

However unless you know a little something about how to blog succesfully then me giving you a blog for you to write articles that won’t get found and more than likely will sit in cyberspace gathering dust

Is not going to help you!

As well as that trying to get hold of my sponsor for help (No names mentioned 😉 )

Was a full time job in itself.

Admittedly he was a 6 figure earner and wasn’t that fussed with $25 clients

But……. if i had known that in the beginning I may have thought twice

However I don’t want this all to be negative so lets go through some of the products you get when you join EN

Empower Network Products

  • The basic membership will cost you $25 a month and will give you a blogging site.
  • You will have to pay a monthly fee of $19.95 if you wish to promote the EN products and earn commissions.
  • If you decide to join the Inner Circle membership, a $100 monthly fee will be added. (Which you need really if you want to be successful)
  • In addition, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service to manage and write emails and keep in contact with any new prospects or customers

Here are the product levels you get with Empower

Blogging Platform – $25 a month

This is a blogging platform similar to a WordPress blog but with a viral aspect in that your prospects will see your blog articles . You also get access to some training on blogging and the 8 Core Commitments. You can also use the systems capture pages and you get weekly inspiration via the Monday night Empower hour. (You can also earn a $25 per month commission from selling this – have to have paid the commission to be affiliate)

Empower Network Inner CircleThe Inner Circle Level – $100 a month

You now get a host of training audios that teach you in-depth what you need to know about online marketing and having the right mindset to succeed. The training here is of a decent level and the best product I believe they have. You can also sell this on for a commission of $100 per month

Empower Network Costa RicaThe Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – One Time Payment – $500

This is a system of videos filmed at a 3 day retreat with the Dave’s and other leaders in Costa Rica. These videos focus heavily on mindset and also delve into more advanced marketing strategies.

The 15K Formula – One Time Payment – $995

Empower Network 15k formula

The 15K formula is training by top earning internet marketers who reveal exactly what they do to market their online businesses. It focuses on strategies to get targeted leads and grow your online business in the long-term. You can also make commissions of $995 for the resale of this.

Masters Retreat – One Time Payment – $3,500

The masters Retreat level consists of about 40 individual trainings and includes a workbook that enable members to learn. You can also sell this on to make a commission of $3,500

Remember in order to make a commission on the products above you need to have purchased it yourself or else the commission goes up to your sponsor.

I believe that you should have to own a product before you sell it because how else can you tell others about it if you don’t own it.

Obviously if you can sell on the products you can make some huge commissions and earn a six figure Income.

Empower Network Scam

I am in no way calling Empower Network a scam.

It comprises the difficulties that any MLM type of marketing has in that the top sponsors make tons of money and as you go down the lower people suffer.

However like with anything if you are prepared to put the work in you can make money.

The only thing is some of the claims need to be clarified

  • Say you get 100% commissions on your sales – Well technically not true as you have to pass up some of your sales to your sponsor or up line and then give a percentage back to the company for “administration”
  • You can rank articles using your Empower Network blog easily due to the authority of the Empower Network site – don’t know about you but have never seen an Empower Network site ranking highly on Google. (Most leaders use their own professional sites)
  • Blog daily you will make money – No way! Not unless you know some stuff about keywords and ranking. I was blogging like a nutter for 3 months without none of my stuff being found or read….

You can succeed with Empower Network but I think some of the cons are

Why I left Empower Network

Now theres one thing I’m not and thats an excuse maker.

Even though I couldn’t get much help from my sponsor I was still determined to make it hapen and I got some sales….

Nothing to write home about but as I said you could make this work

However what I didn’t like was

  • The pressure to get “ALL-IN” (I bet just hearing that makes you think of Empower Network). If you don’t buy all the products and get “All-In” your accussed of being a whimp or a wussie”. Which insires some but dosen’t sit well with all
  • Not as transparent as I would have liked. I want to know the full amount I have to pay now not find out later. And know that I don’t really make 100% commissions
  • Some of the leaders won’t work with you unless your ALL-IN. Don’t like that
  • They don’t want you to market any other MLM if your with them
  • Facebook and Google don’t like them and don’t even rank Empower Network as number one for their own term. Also most solo ad sellers won’t market to Empower Network due to their deterieting reputation

So due to all that I wussied out and left

And now I promote a different opportunity that fills the gaps that Empower Network dosen’t

You Trying To Sell Me Something Now


All i’m saying is unless you are a blogging champ or have really deep pockets to buy advertising you may struggle with Empower Network

However MTTB fills the gaps that Empower Network leaves gaping

  • They have coaches from the beginning on the phone and on skype
  • You get 90% commissions for the products you own, not passing anything up to others

Plus a host of other stuff.

In conclusion

In this empower network review I wanted you to realise that Empower Network may work for some but may not sit well with others.

I hope this has helped to give you a bit more of a rounded view of Empower Network products and the pros and cons of getting involved

To Your Success


P.S. This Empower Network Review breaks down all you need to know about Empower Network. Please leave any comments you have below.