MTTB Review- In depth and true MTTB Review

In This My Top Tier Business Review (Or MTTB Review) Discover The Complete Facts

Here we go……….

Oh no not another fully biased review telling me how great MTTB is and how I should sign up under your link

Oh yeah and how if you do that you’ll make more money than a college pro and have Kim Kardashian fawning all over you ….:)

No Sorry!!

Don’t worry I’m going to lay out the facts and give you my honest opinion and trust that you’ll work out if its for you or not.

MTTB is not for everyone but it does completely look after a lot of the internet trouble spots that a huge number of people find online,

……which is why they don’t make any money

But 1st things 1st heres the gory facts…..

Matt Lloyds MTTB Programme

So this programme was started by a young Australian called, you guessed it, Matt Lloyd

He was a young lad and discovered that most people make absolutely nothing online and then set out to make a system that would fix that problem.

So he came up with MTTB and went on to make $138,000 by the time he was 25. Not bad.

The confusing part with the programme, for some, is that there are 4 essentials levels as well as other products in the up sell. But the main products are these:

  • My Top Tier Business
  • My Online Business Empire
  • Titanium Mastermind
  • Platinum Mastermind


1. MTTB costs $49 and once paid you get access to a 21 step video series and a phone coach that walks you through the steps. You have to check in with your coach and they make sure that you are understanding the concept and answer any questions

You get a second phone coach when you reach video 7 that takes you through the rest.

Oh and did I mention all these phone coaches are 6 figure earners and you can blast them with all sorts of questions as to how they made their money. And better still the things you need to do to shorten your journey to success. Bonus!!

This is the entry level product and if you get in…..the videos teach you the benefits of buying a franchise and how the phone coaches can also help you make money on autopilot because they up sell any and all of your prospects.

MTTB is A McDonald’s Franchise Online

If you was to go buy a McDonalds franchise tommorow it would probably cost you North of $100,000

But If you had the money

Do you think it would be worth it?

Well most would say a resounding yess because with a Franchise everything is done for you.

The brand is know and tested, so you don’t have to create it from scatch.

The food is loved, the prices are set. In short all the T’s have been ticked aand I’s dotted..

It is a proven successful model.

All you do is open the doors and wait to make the profit

MTTB Product

Well MTTB is the same for an online franchise model.

If you have ever tried to produce your own product as I have, you know it can be quite difficult

Not only do you have to create a great product you then need a high converting squeeze page then you need copy writing skills to write the killer email follow up series and sales letter.

Then when you do get leads you need to be able to build a lasting relationship and have them trust you so as they convert to sales and hopefully become repeat buyers

Oh yeah also you need to create a back end higher priced offer to make any real money online.

If your up for that then I commend you and think you’ll be fine without this


If not then MTTB covers all that

MTTB Product What You Get

So At the $49 level you get the videos, as I mentioned, the coaches, you also get to sell on MTTB as an affiliate to others using High converting squeeze pages that are already done for you and if you do convert a lead you get a $24 commission.

As well as this your leads are emailed by the system to convert them to sales for you.

That’s copywriters writing persuasion emails to try and get conversions for YOU!!!

So really all the donkey work is done for you with this franchise system all you need to learn how to do is get traffic to your squeeze page

Which I will tell you later how to do that on a budget…..

But once you can get traffic then it’s just a matter of letting this bad boy system do it’s thing and convert leads to sales for you.

Benefits of MTTB

* Cheap Entry Level Product
* You Get $24 if you sell it on
* You get 2 phone coaches
* You get a proven traffic coach that will walk you through FREE and paid traffic methods
* High Converting Squeeze pages
* Daily Inspiration calls and weekly webinars
* Sales materials done for you – banners and solo ad templates


Here come the haters…….:)

You hear it about almost every network marketing company and this one is no different.

There is always someone that is desperate to claim when asked “Is MTTB Scam?” . That it is.

But I’m here to assure you that it isn’t.

Not only does it have good products that educate you in the steps to earning online but you also get

Human Interaction

That’s unheard of with most MLM or Network Marketing Companies.

It is a multi Million dollar machine and is creating millionaires on the way because……..

Matt Lloyd quite rightly believes in the idea that in order for him to get rich he has to give tons of value and make others rich too.

Hence the idea that you can get a brand new Mercedes paid for by the company when you get to a certain level.

So “MTTB Scam?”………..

NO it’s not a scam but some of the reasons I’ve heard people say that is is are:

  • “Thought I Could Get Rich In 30 Days” – This is not a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme not at all….wrong place
  • “It’s too Expensive” – Mindset Issues…. you can continue to market $10 Clickbank products but good luck with making any real money
  • “It takes too long to see any progress” – Well depends on your work ethic. If you put the work in you will see results (Check Testimonials below)
  • “There are too many upsells” – There isn’t a company in the world that dosent try to upsell you and in this case you can make huge commissions from owning the upsells and have some great fun too
  • “You Can’t Make Any Real Money From This” – That depends what level your at. If your at the entry level and making $24 Commissions then yes I agree but when your ready to step it up and get serious then you can make commissions of $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 and it dosen’t take many of those days for you to retire happy.


Did I mention that you also get $500 if this doesn’t work for you Guaranteed…..

If you follow the training and don’t make at least $1000 you can get $500 back.

I don’t know any program on the market that will pay you if you don’t make a commission.

MTTB Backend

So the next level or upgrade to MTTB is My Online Business Empire (MOBE) which is the next level up

Benefits of Getting MOBE

MOBE costs $1997 and you get access to other products that you can learn and earn from.

As before everything you need is done for you from capture page to tracking of all your traffic and email follow ups

All looked after…….

The best bit now is when you sell one of these MOBE Licences you make a commission of $1000

As well as that you get some great products that teach you about things like:

  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • How To Close Leads
  • Further underground traffic strategies
  • Plus lots more

mttb review


Other Products

Titanium Membership – 3-Day and 4-Night Wealth Building Retreat in Cabo San Lucas.

It’s actually a good deal, and most people pay way more for a time share and don’t get the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities offered. You can also make commsions off this. See below

Platinum Membership – 5-Day and 6 Night Wealth Building Retreat in Costa Rica. Even a better deal, and again a lot of people pay for timeshares worth way more than this cost.

MTTB Compensation Plan

If you upgrade there are 3 ways to get paid:

Buy and Sell the MOBE license for $1,997 and earn $1,000 (Your phone coach gets paid the rest)
Buy and Sell the Titanium Membership for $9,000 and earn $3,000 commissions
Buy and Sell the Platinum Membership for $15,000 and earn $5,000 commissions

I hands down think this is one of the simplest ways to make money online because

You need zero technical ability and it’s as straight forward as it gets.

With other programs you will need to start your own blog, create your own sales funnel, learn copywriting, learn how to sell and a handful of other skills.

With this you just need to know how to get and drive traffic.

Which is what I specialise In.

MTTB Testimonials

Find out what others are saying:

My total sales have been $93,824… so, that’s not too bad for 3,000 clicks.

[utm id=1447]
[utm id=1449]

Mike Morin: “Everything clicked and here’s the deal, my first week in I made $1,500.Second week in now and I just had a $1,000 day… My kids could do this!”

[utm id=1450]

SO Why Sign Up With Me

Well traffic is my business. And regardless of what anyone will tell you traffic is the life blood of any online opportunity.

Qualified Traffic + Conversions =$$$

There are 3 methods that I can teach you essentially FREE, Low Cost and Paid traffic.

When You Join MTTB With Me I’ll Have Some Goodies Waiting For You:

  • Once you join My Top Tier Business through me you’ll get access to a coaching membership site ($2000 value).

Where a host of traffic generated secrets are broken down in chunck size steps in easy-to-follow videos.

This is the exact training various other coaching students got to learn and produce the results shown and you will learn how to duplicate those results.

  • Access To My Mentor who makes $50,000 per month
  • Access to my Facebook Group where you can ask for help and I will be right there with you working to get results as well as other real Go-Getters.
  • Free 30 Min skype call to get you set up correctly
  • Professional Custom Squeeze page designed for you

Finish All 21 steps & Get:

If you go through all 21 steps and become a MOBE licensee then you will get:

  • A custom blog and branding package ($750 value)
  • Lifetime access to my mastermind coaching group ($97 a month value)
  • 200 click solo ad and 20 Guaranteed subscribers to your list (It only takes 1 good one to make you a $5,000 commission)
  • My personal email and answers to any questions you want to ask
  • A Copy of Robert Caldinin’s “Influence” (Most Copywriters and Ad writers swear by it) ($67 Value)

 MTTB Summary

All in all you can make money from any level of this opportunity. From the ground up.

There are many advantages that I spoke about in this post with basically most of the hard stuff being done for you so as you can hit the ground running and..

As long as you can get traffic, make money from the get go.

Some of the disadvantages are that the higher priced items frighten some people off , but really can you see another way to make real money online without them……..I can’t

Also I found email support to be slow and take a few days…..but the Facebook group is quick and most queries are answered in a day there.

So again as I stated at the beginning of this MTTB Review this isn’t for everybody but if you are looking for one of the quickest and easiest ways to profit online then click this link below: review

To Your Success


P.S. Discover how to profit with MTTB and get some exclusive bonuses here: review



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