Exitus Elite Review – Is Exitus Elite Scam?

Exitus Elite Review

Exitus is a multi-level marketing scheme that helps people make money online by recruiting members. It makes profit from the membership fees that it charges the members.In this Exitus Elite Review we will break down the company so as you can make the decision if it is for you or not.

Exitus Elite began in the United Kingdom where the owner lives.

The person behind the scheme is known as Paul Stevenson, and has been mentioned in other schemes. Paul Stevenson has been in the sales and marketing industry for more than 20 years. As a result, he has acquired favorable amount of skills that he has been using on different projects so as to make money, even though some did not do quite well.

Exitus Elite Review

How Does Exitus Elite Work?

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The program pays people once a member recruits a person to the program and that person pays the required entry fee. However, Exitus Elite’s operation is fairly different from other programs. This is because of the fact that on the first recruitment you make, you will earn $1000 which will not be directly given to you so you pass that one up.
The $1000 is paid to the person who is above you in your pyramid. Nonetheless the second payment is given to you in full. The money is paid to you through your account from there onwards.

They also claim that they will help you finish the deal when you are about to make sales, so you don’t have to worry.

You are required to pay $1,000 so as to access their products which they say are worth a fortune. Once you get them, you are certainly going to make good sales. However, the products do not give a specific set of instructions on how to work them out in order to get a rewarding result.

Who is Exitus Elite meant for?

Exitus Elite is suitable for anyone out there. So if you wish to make money online or to “gather wealth” so as to meet your daily needs, then this program is fit for you.

This is due to the fact that the program pays much more money that is beyond the “bread-winning” level.

This is according to Paul Stevenson. However, the people that this business can best suit are those people who have money to invest and have got past experience in marketing.

People who are seeking to make money online and don’t have adequate money will find it hard to work with this MLM scheme. This is mainly because they might not have the $299 which is needed to join or $1,000 to access the products.

What is Included in the Exitus Elite Product?

They have also set aside a package known as the “Genesis Product Package.” This package entails thousands of audios, videos and eBooks that impact people with the right knowledge on how to increase their income. They also give duplicate websites, autoresponders and lead pages among other things.

The package is meant to help people who belong to the following niches:
· Marketing basics
· Personal development·
· Deep marketing
· Health and wellness

Exitus Elite Compensation Plan

Exitus Elite

To join costs $1,000 which Exitus calls a “participation fee”.

Exitus pays out commissions through a 1-up structure. This means that you are paid as you recruit other members who in turn pay for the participation fee.

With the 1-up system that Exitus Elite has come up with, it can be noted that each and every member is able to “pass up” the commission that has been made so far up to the first recruit.

You are then moved on up to the opening enrolling member’s line up, which includes the $1000 that you paid as a participation fee. Basically, when you join in as a member you have to pay $1000 in order to get involved with the commission-earning process.

After earning your first commission of $1000, you have to send it to the member who initially recruited you.

Following the first commission, you can keep anything else that you earn thereafter.

What Will It Cost To Join Exitus Elite?

Before joining Exitus Elite, there are a couple of charges that you need to be put into consideration. Though you will be required to pay $1000 so as to be able to take part in the multi-level marketing system, there is also an additional fee of $299 that is due to be paid every year.

Is Exitus Elite A Scam?


exitus elite scam

Just as it is the case with all business opportunities available, you will always come across things on the internet branding Exitus Elite as a scam or something like that.

You might wonder if what you have read is true or not. Exitus Elite is not a scam or something of the sort. However, there are some things that you should be aware of.
· Pros
· The website’s design and theme is great.
· They have several payment methods
· There is a high potential of getting commissions
· They have a lot of training videos and audios (is good value depends on you)
· A lot of money is required so as to find out if it is suitable for you
· There are no refunds and trial period
· The replicated websites do not rank in search engines as they are not original
· You pay for what you can acquire for free if you just work smart
· Building your own business is not guaranteed since when Exitus Elite closes down, your business is also over.

Final Conclusion on Exitus Elite

There is so much to know about the program. As you have seen, there are hotspots as well as weak spots. Although they offer great value, they have still overpriced it. Compared to other programs and the value that it gives, it’s quite clear that Exitus Elite is completely LEGIT! This has also been backed by a good number of positive Exitus Elite Reviews that the product has received from satisfied customers.

However you should think twice before deciding to join it. It is only worth a try if you are an experienced professional, not a just beginner looking to earn a living.

What Do You Recommend Manny?


So I fully recommend the beginners opportunity below. I have gone right through the whole system with a fine tooth comb and think it is one of the better opportunities out there which is why I now personally endorse it.

I have been marketing it for just a short while and am already making thousands of dollars using it and I know that this works for absolute newbies as you will see if you click the image below.

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Exitus Elite Review





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