Feelsocial Review – Is Feelsocial Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Feelsocial Review


In this unbiased Feelsocial Review we look at this new piece of software.

Feelsocial is Facebook Messenger software that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many people are talking about this software and are wondering if it actually fulfills what it promises. If you are interested in knowing everything there is to know about Feelsocial, if it is a good product, or whether it is a scam or not, read on to find out more.

Feelsocial Scam

Feelsocial Review – What Exactly Is Feelsocial

Feelsocial is the most recent all-in-one Facebook messaging app that allows users to interact with their audience comfortably. The software allows you to send an automatic private message to all your customers at any time of the day. Feelsocial is highly recommended to those individuals who have a huge list of Facebook customers or leads. This app does not only make things easier for you, it also saves you time.

What’s more, the software does not require any coding at all. In fact, it makes it possible for you to customize your messages with image, headlines, sub headlines and above all call to action. If you have been in online business for a while, you will know that these functions are very important when it comes to generating leads.

Pros and Cons of Feelsocial

Like any other new product out there, there are some good sides and bad sides of feelsocial.

The Pros

Easy to use: You do not need to have any knowledge about coding in order to use this software. Feelsocial enables you to convert leads into sales just by messaging your Facebook customers. Unlike email list, the software guarantees you 100% message delivery.

Faster delivery of messages: The software allows you to create a private message and send it to all your Facebook customers. When compared to the traditional way, it is easier to create customized message using this software. What’s more, you can set up automated follow up sequences with exceptional messages including headlines, sub headlines, images and call to actions.

Saves time: usually, you will be required to spend some time drafting a message that you would like to send to your customers. Sometimes, you may be forced to hire another person to do the job for you because you are busy doing other things. With feelscocial software, things are easy as you can set up an automated message. This means that you have all the time that you need to do other things and not to worry about a thing.

In addition, any person who has ever viewed your Facebook page or profile can be contacted using this software. You can either send them an automated message or a special message. Feelsocial software is the first software to be able to do this.


Poor customer support: Customer support is one of the most important parts of a business that many people usually overlook. Your customers like to be treated with respect and their questions answered to their satisfaction. The response time of the support team is also something that should be taken into consideration. Feelsocial support team takes quite some time before they respond to customer’s queries.

Feelsocial Review – How Much Does The Software Costs?

If feelsocial sounds like the software that you have been waiting to generate leads, you will have to invest at least $27 to access this product. The good thing is that the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you purchase it then feel like it is not for you, you can return it and your money will be returned back to you. There are higher levels as well that you can purchase for more functionality.

Feelsocial Review

Feelsocial Review – Is Feelsocial A Scam?

Like any other new product out there, there are some online marketers who will always claim that feelsocial is nothing but a scam and others who will tell you it is legit. It is always advisable to be vigilant as most people will lie to you just to sell you something else. So, is feelsocial legit or just a scam? The truth is feelsocial isn’t a scam.


To be honest, if you purchase this software your sales will improve. This is because you will be able to reach a much wider audience in a very short space of time and tell them exactly what you want them to know about your business. Feelsocial is the ideal software for converting leads into sales. So, if you want to maximize your profits by increasing your sales, feelsocial is the way to go.


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Feelsocial Review



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